I kept my shit eye level for this latest Air Jordan retro release. I like the 7s, but not more than the 6s and if I had my choice I would score another pair of the Olympic 6s before I shell out for the Barcelona 7s. Yeah, yeah I know, “Jordan WORE the Barcelona 7s!”. Shut the fux up already!

I’m promising myself that I won’t do anymore lineup release videos because I feel like I might be a part of the problem why people are hyping over sub-par shoes. Maybe if I stopped caring then so would the kids? Ha! That will never happen since the machine put in place to make these kids nutts isn’t gonna stop hyping this shit up.

Sneakers might be the perfect storm of Madison Avenue marketing meets nostalgia. I catch the fever just like every other American. Now please watch my version of anti-hype HYPE.

4 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. illill says:

    i appreciate the lifestyle you had on and the bleecker X son had on. the 6s go perfect with that.

  2. JRG says:

    HOF 2009’s! I just grabbed the GR white and S23’s from my homeboy. I respect your shoe game. let the kiddies buy the retreads and overlook the future grails/classics that the enlightened among us are getting DIRT CHEAP. viva la nike outlet!

  3. Adrian says:

    Nah dude keep doing the line up video’s, there mad funny ! Maybe for the bigger shoe releases though, if you don’t wanna hype it out. Shouts to Nathan’s, but pause (ii) on eating 2 hot dogs. The best line up video so far was the “Altitudes” by far. I can respect the come up video’s too !

  4. bananaclipse says:

    if those shoes were a baby, i’d shoot em in a movie theatre

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