Tito Lopez: The Blues

When I heard this song a few months ago I knew this would be a smash hit for Tito Lopez. There really isn’t a more American genre of Black music than the Blues. It truly identifies jazz, rock, funk and everything that his been watered down into the popular music sphere.

That’s because the Blues is just raw spirituality in sonic form. The word and chords are real and honest. If you can’t relate you might just be a robot, but even an android would get a tear in its eye to this music.

5 Responses to “Tito Lopez: The Blues”

  1. Wardell Franklin says:

    Very nice… And remember Gil Scott-Heron called himself a “bluesologist.”

    Have you listened to Gary Clark Jr at all DP?

    I was always down with the Black Rock Coalition but with hip-hop creativity & soul swirling down the toilet as I type, their ethos is needed more than ever.


  2. Rahul says:

    This might be the first time in like 4 years that I’ll buy a single (released before the album) on iTunes. I stopped when I always felt that I’d buy the entire album of artists I want to support and I’d save that $1.29 or whatever (I usually bought physical copies). But later on I realize with rappers, certain times they’ll put out a single and it won’t quite bubble and the album gets delayed and blah blah blah, but then the song doesn’t even it make it on the final album! So it’s just some song that loses its significance and just existed at one point.

    That said, fuck it, I’ll buy it. Dude is nice.

  3. FTW says:

    …marriage only last a minute… what you think they throwing rice for?


  4. the_dallas says:

    I fux with Tito Lopez and this new crop of southern rappers who are lyrically motivated. I’m glad y’all enjoyed this joint too so I know I ain’t crazy

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