Get Ready For Clark Kent…

What’s cray is that we sat with Clark Kent for a couple of hours and didn’t even get close to talking about his presence within the sneaker game. Dude is THAT deep in the history of rap and Hip-Hop. Listen…

10 Responses to “Get Ready For Clark Kent…”

  1. abstrizzle says:

    Last night’s show was probably my favorite episode. Salute. those pause interjections were hilarious.

  2. el cuco says:

    absolutely hilarious. we love the truth!!

  3. Combat Jack says:

    The truth is all we know. And our nigga Dallas is way more brilliant than damn near anyone I know. Thanks for the support. #Newmanati

  4. abstrizzle says:

    @ combat jack, #newmanati! you, dallas & the rest of the team are slowly but surely about to blow the fuck up with this phenomenal podcast you guys have. those magazines know the deal but are afraid to acknowledge that their magazine holds no weight to your candid interviews that you guys have on the podcast. in my opinion, podcasts are the new magazines if you really think about it. the source, vibe, etc. are afraid to embrace it. you guys stay winning. definitely need a part 3 with clark kent. strictly sneakers though. lol

  5. Tone Riggz says:

    This was a great podcast and this young buck learned a lot…

  6. therealconsole says:

    A lot of hip hop knowledge was dropped on the show this week. Half Panamanian myself it was crazy to find out the legendary DJ ClarkKent is Panamanian.

  7. Yet another great show… does Clark Kent seem a bit arrogant or is it just me? Nevertheless, salutations.

  8. Joyce M Wright says:

    Aside from the “out of the horse’s mouth” information that all students of hip hop can get from listening to The Combat Jack Show, there are those lil tidbits (DJ Clark Kent is from Panama) that are not covered in any other medium. You just can’t beat being schooled and entertained at the same time.

  9. el cuco says:

    loved this episode. finally a more loquacious dj than just blaze! lol and dj clark kent panamanian? love to hear bout latinos doin it. like when i met akinyle and got him to speak spanish!

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