RLXercise Lifestyle…

I’ve officially overdosed on RLX gear from the Spring 2012 programme. It didn’t help me either that Bloomingdale’s has been offering the ridiculous pricepoints on these items. The hoodie pictured above is now $25 (from $168). Heads have been sleeping on the RLX brand.

True, the RLX sports I.T.’s with more athletic cuts and shapes, but true to my aspirations I find the shit that fits, or I MAKE it fit. It’s BEEN past time for me to take the Cannondale off the wall and put it back on the streets. I finally got the money to make it right.

By the end of the year I should be rocking these RLX I.T.’s on the regulack.

My new nickname is gonna be ‘Sprockets’.

8 Responses to “RLXercise Lifestyle…”

  1. MotherGastonSpeed says:

    Awesome, DP– I’ve been hoping you’d be riding again! Lotsa good potential ICs or Bluecheez videos to be had in the bicycle scene too, which is far more diverse than the ‘hipsters/blipsters’ stereotype…

    IN FACT, rumor has it Buckshot (the real Buckshot) has been spotted riding a fixed gear around BK; I’m a derailleurs and brakes man myself but that’s still great.

    DIdn’t Sean Price used to bike a bunch as a teenager too or am I imagining that?

    Rappers ride!!

  2. cocotaso says:

    i was gonna ask how you fitting in these rlx garments, then you explained. too bad they don’t come in xb sizes, cuz i aint about to start getting healthy.

  3. the_dallas says:

    All jokes aside I was getting the hints from my body that it was time to get activ8d again. You gonna get those hints you can’t ignore too and listen, no matter what I’ma still be a 2X ninja

  4. illill says:

    I’m still needing that hoodie pictured
    I’m still gathering the modern explorer line pieces

  5. Combat Jack says:

    I got my bike locked and loaded, so let me know, fam bro.

  6. BIGNAT says:

    25 bucks hmmmmm I might need to get something

  7. BIGNAT says:

    I hope these joints got flex to them lol

  8. JayStayFlyNHi says:

    Yo DP! I figured u’d been up on that RLX ish! Luckily I’ve gone from a 2X ninja down to a SMEDIUM ninja so I never fret when hittin up the clearence racks..fcuk it..I’ll wear some of last years new like its new this year! haha

    and yeah..get that bike out!

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