Marcberg Reloaded…

I don’t think y’all heads are ready for the ‘Marcberg: Reloaded’ album. Y’all act like y’all are ready, but I don’t think so.

I think y’all need to listen to these joints from ‘Marcberg’ to get your minds right.

‘Whateva, Whateva’


11 Responses to “Marcberg Reloaded…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    “Don shit” is my shit!

  2. T-Bag says:

    The guitar loop on “don shit” is ridiculous!

  3. jungle fever is the shit!!

  4. illill says:

    pop is just evil…..

  5. FTW says:

    I still would argue that Marcberg is top five complete hip hop albums of the last decade. There’s absolutely no flaws in it, damn near perfect piece of work.

    If I’m talking hip hop with someone and they can’t speak intelligently about Marcberg; I immediately get on some, go study then get back to me.

    Marcberg Reloaded makes me type nervous tho, like how the hell can you improve on a classic.

  6. franc says:

    don shit all day

  7. $yk says:

    its a crime>>>>>>

  8. cocotaso says:

    ridin around, its a crime and we do it feat ka get steady burn in my ipod and whip. on another note. ka’s grief pedigree and ron browz’ (yes i said ron browz) the christening are in rotation too. do yourself a favor and check em out.

  9. cocotaso says:

    is reloaded gonna be a new album or the same joint with bonus cuts and remixes?

  10. McNulty says:

    im fucking ready, been waiting forever for that bitch. Not complaining, Roc can take his time. Just dont pull a Grand Theft Auto 5 and make us wait another YEAR

  11. mimi manopla says:

    I’m feel in the beat so much! they remind me of Joy Deja King ‘Im The Bomb’. i just watched her music vid. holy sh!T. go watch it now!!!

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