DP Does Dallas…

Sean P got me up in his entourage for this weekend to film video of he and Guilty Simpson at the KixPo sneaker and streetwear convention. How crazy is this that I’m finally getting to visit Dallas, Texas?

I’m only breezing in and then jetting out the following morning but I will get to visit the Cowboys new stadium and walk on the turf. My hypebeast meter is on a trillion right now. The biggest problem for me is deciding which kicks to wear.

2 Responses to “DP Does Dallas…”

  1. pmac says:

    good for the bcc sean price i cant believe he’s at jerry jones billion dollar stadium even if theres only 100 people in the crowd. that crazy that stadium people travel to just to look at. to bad his team sucks and cant fuck wit the patriots.

  2. zakee says:

    Yo DP,

    Have you checked out the sneaker game of Ryan Lochte? The Olympic swimmer also rocks iced-out fronts to receive his awards!!!


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