Recycling = Bullshit Propaganda


Who came up with this whole ‘recycling’ bullshit? This is the kind of thing that I blame guilt-ridden white for starting. As if when we put our sody pop cans in one pile and our douche rags in a separate pile, we will somehow save the Earth. And when we use those coffee cups with that triple arrow recycling icon, we feel good that we have done our part. Nevermind all the fuel that the sanitation vehicles expend while idling at the local 7-11 as the workers pick up their coffee (from pesticide covered coffee plants). A paper cup with an inked logo on the side of it is NOT doing your part.

Do you really want to save the Earth? Do you really want the Earth to begin to heal itself from all the destruction that our over-industrialization and exploitation has caused? Then you should just kill yourself. But don’t kill yourself anywhere that we will have to expend fossil fuel resouces to bury your azz. People that want to save the Earth should jump off boats or climb into lion cages. People that want to save the Earth need to skip the middleman on their return to the food chain.

If you kill yourself and then we have to kill a tree to fabricate a coffin to dig a hole in the ground to bury you, then you have been a world-hating selfish prick. NATALIE HOLLOWAY tried to save the Earth, but her Earth-hating momma is busy undoing all of her daughters’ good work. I give NATALIE extra props too for making sure that all of her clothing disappeared as well.

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