You can’t tell me that New Jersey governor Chris Christie doesn’t steal food from his children’s dinner plates. Or he’s got a problematic thyroid. Ha. These dudes are only the worst, cycnical bullies now holding public office. If a dude takes food from HIS OWN kid’s moufs what do you think he would do to you?


The fact that people support these bullies and blowhards despite their own best interests like Medicare, or social security or simply having a home that isn’t worth bupkus tells me that the lunatics definitely are running the asylum. I don’t think I’m ready for a Republican National Convention right before the Labor Day celebration. Especially since Republican leadership has done more to undermine the American labor force than any cheap Chinese goods could ever do.

Le sigh.

Chris Christie’s RNC Convention keynote speech


  1. MF DROID says:

    #AccurateShots #9HitCombo #TimeBonus

  2. VEe! says:

    I’m really interested in watching his speech. He’s a character and some one the party will consider to run in 2016.

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