iron man

If you haven’t already heard about the Marvel Comics ‘Iron Man’ movie…

JOHN FAVREAU is directing.


RZA is doing the soundtrack featuring Ghostface Killer.

O.K., I’m lying about that last part, but how sweet would that be? ROBERT DOWNEY Jr. is a good choice too, since I can believe that he understands the struggle with inner demons. FAVREAU is supposed to be some kind of comic geek from way back so I want to trust his judgement too.

All I’m saying is that Marvel better have at least one song from Big Ghost on the movie soundtrack.

Here are a few CGI renderings of the invincible Iron Man.

iron man

These last two renderings are the shizznit. I hope this is where they go with the design.

iron man

iron man

9 Responses to “IRON MAN LIVES AGAIN”

  1. dubble13 says:

    As long as they don’t turn Iron Man into a hot mess like that Fantastic Four movie….

  2. Fin says:

    I like the first pic, it’s nice and sleek. We can only hope that they stay true to the character, there’s plenty of storyline there to peice together a few movies. Please don’t be a fantastic four/dare-devil!

  3. Amadeo says:

    Ditto and Ditto…Yo D.P. what’s up with Stark going all G-man in the Civil War joint?

  4. Skeeter Valentine says:

    kinda off topic…that ghost rider movie looks like hot steaming crap inside of another level of hot steaming crap that is being crapped out of roseanne

  5. SANGANO says:

    im kinda diggin the first one overall…just seems truer to the comic…more red less yellow..but the face being yellow is key for me….yesssss yess i kno there were about 50 different costumes….just my opinion

    and yes whoever cast nicholas cage as Ghost Rider should be barred from the movie making industry just off GP….just off that casting alone i’m alreday seeing visions of crap ass Daredevil…this time however the shit will be on FIRE!!! hell fire that is….

  6. the_dallas says:

    Tony Stark is an arms dealer. Back in the days they called that nigga an ‘industrialist’ meanwhile Stark International is a weapons manufacturer. That nigga Tony Stark is in bed with the government biggtime(possible Mark Foley). Ever since the days of Peter Gyrich and the Avengers getting regulated by the Feds, Iron Man has had a question mark as to how he always kept more top-secret clearance laminates than a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative.

  7. Hov Lost says:

    hahahaha, dallas, u really into this cartoon shit b. i mean damn b fall back and do someting worthwile that’ll make some paper or some shit nigga, you like that pop singing 45 year old rapper who dont wanna stop rapping. shit is messed up b.

  8. Nigeria says:

    Ghost Rider with Nic Cage looks better.

  9. dubble13 says:

    Leave it up to Dallas to whip fools with Marvel history… I was about ready to do it myself if he hadn’t… Good lookin’ out…

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