Does Voting Matter?

The Internets Celebrities latest and greatest video takes to the streets to get the 4-1-1 on the subject of why voting still matters. Some of you may be suffering from voting fatigue at this point, but stay strong and stay the course. People got merc’ked for us to have the privilege even if it’s all just a ruse.

The Internets Celebrites were dead in the water a few months ago, but now we are back like cooked up crack. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

5 Responses to “Does Voting Matter?”

  1. The Clark Knight Rises says:


    I just noticed your drop on TI’s polysyllabic rhyme count for his verse on big beast, and thought this one was worth mentioning. His verse on Limelight off Urban Legend only had 80 words in the verse but 11 of them were polysyllabic:

    Sexy women freaky ladies
    Squeezin T.I.P.’s Mercedes
    Kissin women, eatin ladies, lick em till they drikin babies
    Like Rick James was in the 80s young and rich and livin crazy
    Kisha, Kim, Mari, and Kayla
    Love to keep the reefa blazin
    And the new and immitated
    Lou thats hollow point fim thats playin
    Actually they demonstratin
    Orally Administratin
    Conversation here em sayin
    Pills’ll make you fill amazing
    Wish I could do this everday
    Anticipaten this occasion

  2. The Clark Knight Rises says:

    And out of 190 words, this verse had 31 polysyllabic words

    “that’s the way that you want it”
    After careful consideration I’ve concluded tribulations make you great if you’re willing to go through it,
    they can hate all they want
    but in the end whatever God intends to be will be so put your trust in He and not the hearts of men
    we often question adversity’s purpose stressin’
    not recognizin’ the blessin’ often missin’ the message
    who’da thought I’d emerge from the ruins and the wreckage even better than I was before the automatic weapons
    the lesson I took away made my testimony compellin’
    enough to leave an impression on strugglin’ adolescents
    who nobody invested put forth the effort or took a second to push it to do their best and promote forward progression
    statistically destined to be arrested
    shot in a second
    that hopelessness leads to depression
    they disguise as aggression
    tell the federal felon pressin’ to earn his way into heaven
    show up or show ‘em confessions and opportunities present
    potential is mental your destiny is in your possession
    ambition and education is first and talent is second
    you get what you can envision if puttin’ me in prison more important than keepin’ them out I respect your decision

  3. T-Bag says:

    Yo DP, another great video my dude! Keep putting in that work for the internets.

  4. the_dallas says:

    Thanks for the comment, but by NOT inserting it onto the thread where the discussion began makes this comment like a non-sequitur, and essentially valueless.

    Next time if you are so inclined, place the comment on the original thread where the discussion can remain everlasting.

    Or not.


  5. Joyce Marie says:

    Welcome back.

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