Outfit Architecture…

Levels of layering is how you move in the northeast during the winter.

I’m all about this classic Gore-Tex NorthFace Mountain jacket with a Nike AW77 hoody as my median layer.

Under the Polo anniversary knit is a Nike DRI-Fit longsleeve and still a cotton t-shirt baselayer under that.

I gotta give you the whole structure which has the Air Jordan 2012 Year Of The Dragon on my feet once again. I am O.D. for these Jordan 2012s.

The NorthFace Mountain jacket and this Nike hoody complement each other so perfectly that I actually store them together. I won’t wear one without the other.

I’ll be putting outfits together like this one all winter long. Layering wools and cottons and high-tech fabrics to insure I retain my body heat. AND my style heat.

5 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    North Face doesn’t make Gore-Tex anymore.

  2. the_dallas says:

    NorthFace never made Gore-Tex. They licensed the material from Gore Industries. NorthFace sold their company years ago and that’s when they fell the fux off

  3. casimirn says:

    those sneakers are so ill

  4. Fosterakahunter says:

    The North Face has been owned by VF Outdoor, an apparel conglomerate since around 2001. VF also owns Lee Jeans, Wrangler, John Varvatos, 7Seven Jeans, Timberland since last year which also brought Smartwool along, and Vans, among others. While The North Face still has some quality technical pieces, they have largely become a lifestyle brand, popular with suburban moms and kids that are only familiar with the logo hoodies. I worked for The North Face up until September, by the way. So, fuxx them.

  5. Fosterakahunter says:

    Additionally, The North Face still utilises Gore-Tex in some of their shell pieces, particularly the Summit Series line.

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