Call Me Crazy…

My Polo RL obsession is off the meatrack right now. I’ve got to fall back before I lose my ever loving mother effing mind.

This indian blanket wool coat is on the eBay system for $1200 bucks. That’s Just Blaze money, NOT Dallas Penn money.

4 Responses to “Call Me Crazy…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    I don’t think this I. T. Is legit. How can it not have a size? I have never heard of that. Sounds bondoloo

  2. james says:

    no size = fake

  3. $yk says:

    no size=a Pendleton, OR blanket courtesy of Singer and some Canal St labels.

    j/k but (n)

    was in MT in 2009 and that print was popular

  4. Tony says:

    Holy Crap . . . Talk about WAAAAAAAAY BACK!

    Nice find on the liver killer Dallas. This blog continues to be kick-ass.

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