You copped your ticket yet Internets?

Celebrate and respeckanize the legacy of where Polo Ralph Lauren has taken their style from. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this brand hasn’t used the urban market’s influence to remain relevant (and rich).

4 Responses to “R U STILL DOWN!?”

  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    Yo, if I come over for the show from Ohio, can I get the pseudo-VIP guest treatment?

  2. the_dallas says:

    You already know…

    All of y’all that spend your time here with me need to spend your time there with me. The event is this website in real life. You go from a URL to IRL (In Real Life).

  3. Jaislayer says:

    Tickets copped!!!

  4. I’m going to see if I can make it to this event. I will be coming from Rochester. This look like something I need to check out. Hopefully I can link up with some peeps while I’m there. Follow me on twitter.


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