Locked And Launched In NYC…


The Carmelo Anthony signature shoe launch was dope if for only to see a couple of thousand NYC schoolkids got apeshit over watching French Montana perform. Jordan Brand does events to a tee and this was no different than any other joint I went to.

I wanted to leave with a pair of Melo ‘M9’s so bad that I almost let my thirst get the best of me. The shoe looks dope on feet and just from seeing the Knicks (and Mets – NY state of mind) colorway I got a little open. Anyhoo, I didn’t leave with any kicks but I did get to ask the based basketball god a couple of questions.

Wanna see the video? Well here it go…

2 Responses to “Locked And Launched In NYC…”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    I like the questions you gave to mellow

  2. casimirn says:

    yeah you can tell melo liked your questions the best.

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