‘LO-End Theory ‘LO-mercial: S and D Underground…

polo match knit

Editor’s Note: This drop is a rewind from the O.G. ‘LO-End Theory (2010)

By the time you are watching this video I will be in front of the Highline Ballroom telling all the stragglers and those people that are somehow under a rock that the event I have been advertising for this date is postponed… INDEFINITELY.

Shit is fucked the fuck up, but what are you gonna do? I’ma keep it moving and keep the ball rolling in case something happens to put it back on track. To that extent I will start shooting some ‘LO-mercials. These video clips will be everything from retail excursions to freestyle rap videos featuring the artists performing in the ‘Lo-End Theory concert.

If you are on Facebook, become a fan of the ‘LO-END THEORY movement. Just type in ‘Lo-End Theory’ into the search bar to roll with the rush…

5 Responses to “‘LO-End Theory ‘LO-mercial: S and D Underground…”

  1. I was just on BLU CHEEZ TV watching this. Don Will is a funny nigga, mayne.

    “I got my plaque in my pocket!”

    *crumbles paper*

  2. BIGNAT says:

    cotton is always good you can rock that joint when it’s a little warmer with cotton on it instead of wool.

  3. the_dallas says:

    That varsity jacket was bananas. I have a shearling, a flight jacket and a few other leather goods from PRL, but that jacket wouls make me happy.

  4. Did you have to break a lot of hearts out there DP?

  5. Dammit Dallas! I’m going to have to navigate the playoffs and the Lo End Theory on Sunday! Can we get a big screen in there with a feed of the game?

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