The Game Done Changed…


Buying sneakers is such a foreign process to me now. Forget about walking into a store and picking up a pair of kicks from off the wall. Unless you are in Flight Club those days are dead. From here on in you will HAVE to use the internets to buy your sneakers.

Nike must be tired of me making my lineup videos?

2 Responses to “The Game Done Changed…”

  1. james says:

    Dallas I think you are over-reacting a bit

    Sure if you are an average hypebeast whose life isn’t complete unless you have every color foam and every jordan re-issue the long lines and internets are your only hope.

    But if you are a true head…looking for the next..the shelves are fire…D Roses, Ascics running joints, ACG shit can all be found in stores….

    we have to bring back the era when originality defined the game….not how well you are a corporate hypebeast donkey buying every wack ass 200 dollar sneaker a corporation wants you to buy

    real talk

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    ^^ Real talk for realz. Curious.., but Dallas were you able to come up on a pair of the 3’s. I was not, and can’t even care less at this point. Imma be adding to my Asics collection, start collecting special New Balance’s, keep up with a few specialty AF1s, and get back on adidas sh@t. Fuxx this overpriced Jordan RE-re-issue bullsh@t.

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