If 2006 was the year that the pimp came up in mainstream America, then 2007 will be the year that ho’s finally get their due. I mean c’mon, act like you can read the handwriting on the wall.

SUPERHEAD has herself impregnated with the illseed of BOBBY BROWN?!

KIM OSORIO is awarded millions of dollars for sleeping with tons of rap music artists?!?!

NAS’ baby mother writes a tell all confessional about her intimate relationships with NAS, JAY-Z and ALLEN IVERSON?!?!?!

Ho’s are caking up and rightfully so. It’s been time to show these young girls what the pussy is worth. Most of these young chicks are out here giving up the drawls for no money down. What they needed was the inspiration and the information on how to make whoring a viable lifestyle option. You need to say thank you to cRap music.

cRap music is where even semi-professional whores turn to for inspiration. Take PARIS HILTON for instance. She had already established herself as a whore throughout Hollywood, but she was lacking that essential ‘street credibility’ that is so important with the youth today. What does she do? She asks cRap music artists 3-6 Mafia to give her ass a ‘Nashville necktie anal mugging’ and she gets a set of grills.


NAS’ baby mama certainly has to credit cRap music for her celebrity status. Everybody wants to see the woman who was the side order of JAY-Z and ALLEN IVERSON while she simultaneously slept with NAS. Unlike KARINNE ‘Superhead’ STEFFANS who claimed to have parental issues from the gate, NAS baby mama admits to being a whore with no regrets. Her whoring allowed for her to enjoy a lifestyle that most women dream of. Filled with lavish spending sprees, drugs, alcohol and oh yeah, sex, NAS baby mama is creating the blueprint for her daughter and so many other young ladies to follow.

This new paradigm of whore-osity should go a long way to legitimizing the dreams of women who are tired of working at day jobs and still having to hold their man’s nutsachs at night. Ladies, let those lips go to the highest bidder. Ho’s gotta eat too.

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  1. Gaberockka says:

    So much for the womens rights movement. Although I guess some people would say that these women are more liberated and in control of their destiny’s than any women before them. I wouldn’t say that – I would say that they’re whores who are attempting to make prostitution look socially acceptable – but some people might.

  2. Vik says:

    2nd bitches.
    great post dallas. HO’s are comin back. this ho-freedom-movement reminds me of the stupid whore playset episode from south park

    watch it: http://pic2.piczo.com/respect-my-authoritah/?g=20415747&cr=2

  3. Candice says:

    I’m saddened and disgusted.

    Supahead was “furious” when she found out she was pregnant because Brown told her he couldn’t have kids? How about you are a grown a$$ woman who’s been f*cking since you were 13 years old? What happened to protection? And for him to sleep with a woman unprotected when he knows that she has slept with half of the rap industry…**sigh**

    There was no need for me to even read anymore.

  4. mcarroll4716 says:

    Carmen = Disgusting…


    On another note, that’s actually the best picture I think I’ve ever seen of Penis/Paris Hilton. She looks like she has rickets in most of her photos.

  5. Alex2.0 says:

    goes back to the “lynch” rap a few post back. a lot of older women made sacrifices and these chicks are shitting on all their accomplishments. dumb ass broads. (and that goes to any other woman who buys those books)

  6. Tiffany says:

    Wonder if Oprah has any regrets about the interview she did with “Superhead”. Karrine was on the show talking about how the men in the industry were so disrespectful to woman and how it was time for the women to take a stand. I knew she was just doing poon PR for herself. Wow, who wants to be known for giving “super” head to many? Nevermind……….She’s a superstara

    Nas’ baby moma’s book will be a best seller….

  7. RD says:

    dallas, im surprised you didnt do a post on the Dems ransacking these hoes called Republicans

  8. Shit we have footage of Britney sucking dick now.

    Will the sales of that tape go toward Disney 4th quarter earnings?

    They put a lot into that girl.

    And I’m not talking about Justin Timberlake.

  9. the_dallas says:

    these posts are usually lined up a few days in advance (since I do have a real job to eff with).

    We gon’ talk about the fallout from the mid-terms once the dust has settled. Thanx for giving me that link to the ppl at King Mag online. They wanted me to blog for them for free. I told them that I already blog for free, it’s called DALLASPENN.COM

  10. RD says:

    yeaa man, its no problem. I had to look at for the hand that feeds me. Nothin’ but respect, big homie.

  11. 40 Dilla aka Sgt. Vernon Waters says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong…


    “Thats how it was, this is how it is…
    Gotta keep it real when you deal with these Brooklyn kids…”

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