Not sure what the city is up to right now but I have never seen this many police encircling the city and buzzing about. Tons of cops with those secret service earpieces on the streets now also. Maybe New York City is really the largest open-air prison colony after all?

Shorty got stopped for what appeared to be no apparent reason at all


I see homey had on the ‘Gym Green’ Foamposite Pros


Maybe the police was upset with all the hair this kid had on his head


After the police wrote down his info the kid was allowed to go to his school.


6 Responses to “EFF THE POLICE!”

  1. THESE FUCKHEAD PIGS…. I’m hoping Obama will do something about this abuse of authority before the end of his term.. its a slim chance but its the only chance we got for this shit stop.

    RIP Larry Davis

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Parents, and yes, some schools, need to teach the children that unless the police have reasonable cause to stop you, you need not give them ANY information. They are using that contact info to profile the youth. This is particularly important for children of colour. Additionally, the police shouldn’t be questioning any under-age kids in the first place.

  3. Fosterakahunter says:

    The police have only themselves to blame for the mistrust the Black community holds for them. Respect Larry Davis, Fred Hampton..

  4. JaiSlayer says:

    This is that bullshit smh…..You did the right thing by documenting this DP. More people should take photos and document the police. Especially when they are dealing with minors, senior citizens and the mentally ill. Sad part is if many of us were not Black and poor you wouldnt have to worry about ever getting stopped.

  5. MotherGastonMartin says:

    Eastern Parkway stop on Shorty? I don’t include NYC’s DP fam but I’m sorry, folks can’t have it both ways, which is–

    1) Supporting Michael Bloomberg


    2) Decrying the policies of the Ray Kelly micromanaged NYPD

    the billionaire fuck having given Kelly unprecedented power and Kelly egomaniac and deluded enough to exercise it… Which doesn’t preclude poor judgement on the part of rank & file– note the black or latina sister in the top photo– but the voting majority (whatever small % of actual folks that is) let this happen and by their continued apathy– or even support, in those neighborhoods where the only black folks are West Indian nannies and the only ‘Spanish’ are restaurant workers, bodega slaves and rent stabilization throwbacks– encourage such bullshit to continue.

    So motherfucking what if Bloomberg has done some OK things personally? Like ANY of that ‘means’ anything with his money? The PROOF of the man is in this continued nonsense, the Cathy Black Board of Ed fiasco, the anti-labor stance generally, the goddamn Yankee stadium deal etc etc.

  6. james says:

    Katt Williams spoke on this at did the late great Guru of Gangstarr

    the elite are building camps to hold us..prison colonies…the writing is one the wall

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