YELE >>> Y.O.L.O.


This might be my favorite Combat Jack Show of all time. Okay, the Redman ep is still my favorite since I smoked kush with the god, but this work here with Wyclef rivals that since a few nights later I sat in the studio with ‘Clef and listened to parts of his next project.

Wyclef inspires me because he has never abandoned his roots no matter where his journey has taken him. He remained a conduit for people from the ghetto to have their voices heard, and not in a pandering, victimized POV, but a resilient, triumphant yell. Don’t say shit to me about Yele unless you know what it takes to quell the violence in Haiti long enough to let people come inside of that country to administer relief.

Wyclef will eventually get his due from the people he wants it from the most. Us. I’m already saluting this general, as should you. YELE >>> Y.O.L.O.

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  1. Ton Ton Magoo says:

    I’m listening to this now… Props to the crew… Wyclef is SOOOOO full of shit, he ** SHOULD ** have become fucking President… Answer the goddamn question… save us the cockeyed (II) black history lesson he’s garbling on all sides (Euro, American, Caribbean)…

    … it’s really genius in its own way: bullshit bullshit bullshit…

    You either take responsibility for your actions or you do not.

    He clearly does NOT.

    Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (a thief on both sides, the church and congress) was a straight talker compared to Wyclef…

    “At the end of the day…” (repeat 20x because you have no answer)

    If I “want to know the troof…”

    Fuck Wyclef.

    You either hold yourself to a higher standard because your personal wealth and the sad history of your nation DEMANDS it or you play the same bullshit games as your two nations’ oppressors.

  2. Ton Ton Magoo says:

    p/s– “at the end of the day…”

    can we do a prisoner exchange, Wesley Snipes for Wyclef?

    “at the end of the day,” how dumb does Wyclef thing folks are?

  3. Ton Ton Magoo says:

    Props to DP– Camden is fucking Great Neck or Riverdale compared to Haiti…

    I don’t necessarily buy that Jamaica has more crime than Haiti tho’ both are very hard body… What infrastructure does Haiti have to even do accurate statistics in impoverished areas?

    all this talk of PR makes me wanna make a late night mofongo run; who’s with me?!

  4. TED says:

    at the end of the day…

    clef tore it up with his freestyle.
    i wanna pull up lauryn’s ‘mama-se mama-sa mama-ma-ku-sa’

  5. james says:


    Clef is a liar

    Clef tapdanced around his money laundering…’I would have stole a billion’ and oh ‘look at these other charities’

    negro please!!!

    clef wanted to do good


    he wanted to ball out with the loot

    so he stole the 16 million…just cause white folks steal a lot more on the regular doesn’t make it ok for us to do the same thing

    just don’t lie about it clef…it makes you look mad crafty and shiftee…like the Onyx joint

  6. MrRoboto says:

    Big fan of your work and his music DP, but not sure what quelling violence has to do with this utter shadyness (or at a very minimum, sheer incompetence)

  7. the_dallas says:

    Haiti is constantly on the verge of implosion. Wyclef has been on the ground there for years bringing money and supplies from his own earnings.

    Why do you think the kidnappings stop when Wyclef brings the Matt Damon’s and the Angelina Jolie’s around? Because the bad boys LIKE his music as you do? Nope. Because Wyclef PAYS them to settle down.

    It’s hard for most people in America to catch the proper vision because we exist and are informed by a supremacist system of how things SHOULD work and we take that information as gospel. People I know who visit Haiti often enough sing Wyclef’s praises and they aren’t his family members.

    *KanYe shrugs* But opinions shall remain to have the frequency of assholes

  8. MotherGastonTheGoodFoot says:

    As ever, DP makes some excellent points, gracias. I think the ‘truth’– or least some plausible version of same– is somewhere in between.

    Wyclef’s concern for and work in Haiti is both sincere and longstanding; respect to that and a wake up call to everyone who only give a shit about Haiti when it’s either A) on the verge on yet another collapse or B) we have another Abner Louima or– even worse– Patrick Dorismond (RIP) situation.

    The rush of emergency $$$ and Wyclef’s ability to handle same– and/or Yele administrators, etc– was way beyond what he/they were capable of. Whatever might be hinky about Yele doesn’t make it all that different than most other big charities but it ** is ** disappointing…

    .That said, funny how the New York Times spends more time on Yele than the vast amounts of political and real estate corruption in NYC, isn’t it? But hey… Bushwick’s for fashionable white people now– Brownsville next!

  9. Chris says:

    Terrible job on that Yele/$16M question. That was one of the most indirect answers to a question that I have ever seen. You guys were all about it.

    I agree with that first commenter – Wyclef is full of it.

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