An Open Letter To ESKAY Of Nah’Right…


As some of you may know, our brother in the blogosphere, has now left the stratosphere. For some time now NAH’RIGHT has been popping hardbody on the internets, but his official coronation came this week as he will become an official correspondent of the T.I. machine. This is a good thing despite what some might think from the outset. Yes, Island Def Jam is part of the overall corporate monster that has sold cRap music and Hip-Hop culture to the highest bidder, but for every SHAWNNA and RICK ROSS you get a GHOSTFACE and a ROOTS Crew. The T.I. machine is a necessary evil in this day when people are downloading entire albums almost two weeks in advance of release dates.

NAH’RIGHT’s coronation as a legitimate media outlet is similiar and even somewhat greater than BOL’s ascendence on the XXL mag website. This is a validation for all of the sites that having been fighting the good fight to bring real Hip-Hop music back. Whatever that means. These sites have been showing the diversity and knowledge of the Hip-Hop listener from the artistic aesthetic to the consumer basepoint. Without them there would be no NAH’RIGHT…

  • Can you imagine my surprise when I tuned into N.R. the other day and I saw this drop?

    “Ghostface Promo tee – I have one and you don’t. You mad?”

    I am pretty sure ESKAY was just joking with us (although I would like a tee shirt if you got a 3XL). I just don’t want ESKAY to go Hollywood and become a shill for any media outlet unless they are putting his daughter through private school. You can’t measure the value of one voice when the truth is being spoken. Just like our voices were heard on election day this month. ESKAY has become our collective voice inside of the matrix. He has to realize that he is grinding for all of those that didn’t make it this far – R.I.P. NASTACK.

    The next step is to see what the powers that be put into action now that they know how we feel. Will we get to hear more releases from REDMAN, JOE BUDDENS and MEMPHIS BLEEK (okay, maybe not so much BLEEK)? Or will they continue to slowly choke Hip-Hop and its diverse talent base to the point that no one will be able to release an album without the production of LIL’ JON? As ESKAY prepares himself to enter the T.I. matrix I would send him this e-mail…


    What the deal family? I guess I have to call you Young Blogosphere now. Congrats on your success with Def Jam. Shit is about to get really crazy now that you have been annointed the savior of Hip-Hop on the internets. Alright, maybe it wasn’t that serious, but there is a real movement at N.R. and the people with control of the machine want you to get down because you have control of the hearts and minds. Those things are worth more than the machine itself in the long run.

    Don’t stop the real talk. If niggas need to take off their sandals then you gotta tell them. If niggas is wearing pink furs and pink MAC lipstick you gotta put ’em on front street. Your constructive criticism and your ear for the Hip-Hop that radio doesn’t play is why I tuned into N.R. Don’t become a T.I. posterboy. Keep Nah’Right hardbody ya’ heard?



    how many of us have them?

    16 Responses to “An Open Letter To ESKAY Of Nah’Right…”

    1. FaTBoY says:

      Real Talk.

    2. 911 says:

      It’s like the around the horn of hip hop sites although Esk usually only post about East coast stuff the people that comment aren’t just from the east……….mofos be from around the globe literally……..and to be fair there’s nothing like arguing with people over the internet that you don’t know…….especially about hip hop……true story go check the comments.

    3. eskay says:

      “Strictly underground funk, keep the crossover” – The GGOAT

    4. nation of thugacation says:

      ^ i thought you said it was NWA

    5. French Kevin says:

      Nation, U drag around holding Eskay’s Nuts Everywhere He Goes??

    6. thoreauly77 says:

      congratulations eskay, and good look dallas.

    7. RD says:

      I swear dallas is like the gatekeeper of this blog shit…Dallas keep on grindin homie. I just wanna make sure I can meet you at the finish line. Shit, who am i kidding? I wanna out-run all these cats lol


    8. Combat Jack says:

      nice work dun, but we ain’t gonna let the lil homie es’kay go out like that! es’kay whaddup?

    9. Tony says:

      Damn good advice. Money changes everything and it’ll be interesting to see how the guy will react. Good looking out, pointing this out. I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

      And not to be blunt but, IT’S TIME DALLAS was hooked up with some big time sponsorship as well. Considering that I would bet that this page has an even larger cross section of readers than any of the blogs that were mentioned in this post.

    10. Alex2.0 says:

      does this mean he’s gonna post even more stuff about jay z? i swear sometimes i think its a fan club site.

    11. eskay says:

      >>Money changes everything and it’ll be interesting to see how the guy will react.

      lmao @ the notion of me receiving money.

      >>does this mean he’s gonna post even more stuff about jay z? i swear sometimes i think its a fan club site.

      I’m standing right here you know.

    12. esbee says:

      My hats off to him too man..I see my boy Rizoh (of therapup) on there..good looks..

    13. Doc says:

      RIP to nastack. i remember that shit…i love notes from a different kitchen too. shout outs to rizoh..

    14. SergDun says:

      people actually reminisce over nastack? maybe it’s just me but dude seemed like too much of a bol fanboy imitation.

    15. ill will says:

      ^ha, really? yeah, it was just you

      When They Reminicse Over Me–MY GOD

    16. landLORD says:

      … who is Eskay ? …

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