PlayStation 3 Is REALLY Killing People…


Most of you are too young to remember the Cabbage Patch riots in the 1980’s where thousands of Americans were killed over a niche company’s well-marketed childrens doll. The irony of this story is that people were killing each other for the doll which the company had started manufacturing as a response to all the children being aborted and their own Right To Life beliefs. Don’t bother looking up this backstory on Wikipedia, nobody knows the truth like DP Dot Com. Anyhoo, the irony continues…

There’s over a month to go before we celebrate the birth of the infant baby Jesus by killing a baby tree, which incidentally, we need to continue to replenish the oxygen within the atmosphere and the killing of our fellow man for consumer items has kicked off a week before Thanksgiving. In what is a beautiful irony of life imitating art we see that video games actually do cause violence. The debut of the PlayStation 3 console has inspired people to start their very own crime sprees. I hope the people that make Grand Theft Auto are taking notes and putting this into their next game. For some of these kids their trip to BestBuy was the first time they left their bedroom’s since the XBox 360 dropped into stores.

Remember when you used to play cops and robbers and you and your friends had a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ on playing dead when you were shot?


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  1. 911 says:

    Ayo that video brings back crazy memories….*cops and robbers*.

  2. john wilson says:

    i believe the same thing was happening in 98 with the tickle me elmo doll. parents need to realize with financial problems only escalating and not decelerating the best gift is investments for the jitterbugs. besides, the nintendo wii is cheaper and more unique.

  3. Nigeria says:

    Do you see how much these PS3s are being sold for on ebay.

    That is one large mark up.

  4. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    One of my co-workers did cart wheels into my cubicle after he bought a PS3 off ebay for $3200. That’s his business but I think this NINJA still owes me 20 cent!

  5. Amadeo says:

    People are still tripping over tickle me Elmo dolls. Someone showed me a craigs list ad for a 6’3″ 220 pound black guy who would stand in line with you while you waited for your PS3…for an extra 50 bucks he was willing to throw elbows when the doors opened in case of a bum rush.

  6. ha!! he bought that ps3 from yours truly. time to coon out the whip and throw some d’s on that bitch.

  7. Unruly says:

    We’re on the same page with the PS3 post yesterday. lol But yeah, that consumer insanity is truly ridiculous and so unnecessary.

  8. Amadeo says:

    B.T.W. this is why there’s Festivus.

  9. Lion XL says:

    I remember the riots, I even remember thuggin’ some Caucasion chick that tried to get the last Black baby, I just calmly took it out hands and WHAT!?!!! there was no argument, no words, just stark horror like I was gonna hit her upside the head( and probably would have too, but that was during the wonder years)……

    and BTW, the Wii is gay!

  10. The Old 40 Bastard says:

    You saw my ad Amadeo?

  11. esbee says:

    I’m copping the Wii, yo..the jawn is cheaper..

  12. Gee says:

    Mine better wait for the PS5 they should be grown and able to afford it by then…$1350.00 for a damn playstation?…Get a library card! I paid my dues with a 3am bum rush for Tickle Me Elmo several years ago…

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