dP’s Classic Addiction…


I’m so booted right now I can’t even talk kicks. All I want to do is rock my Timbs from here to forever. No hype, no fancy marketing, no bullshit. Just classic dopeness that stands the test of trends and time.

I scrambled to this old mom and pop shoe spot off Nassau Street when I saw they had the 7-eye moc chukkas in their window. I should have asked if they had them in my size but I hate to jinx my shoes when I don’t have my paperwork in order.

Thanks to Combat Jack he paid up an invoice I gave him for his Complex TV project. With a few extra bucks I went right after these boots. I didn’t pay my phone bill. I didn’t pay my light bill. I’m a man with his priorities dead set on his addictions.

I have a link at Timberland, but even my connect can’t scare up a pair of these handsewn 59093s. I needed this backup pair internets. I needed them like you wouldn’t understand if you don’t own a pair of these boots.

3 Responses to “dP’s Classic Addiction…”

  1. persian lega sea says:

    I got these cheese burgers!

  2. DQ says:

    Its on like donkey kong!!! Holla

  3. Fosterakahunter says:

    Crazy, DP!

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