Who’s Got Next?


The Jordan Brand Classic had Barclay’s Center buzzing this past Saturday. The JBC is the new premier prep-schooler basketball showcase. The McDonald’s All-American used to be that game but the JBC fields kids from all across the globe which really shows the reach which Jordan established as an icon and ambassador to the game.

The all day event was also a celebration of Jordan Brand’s indelible mark on sneaker culture and some of the rarest Air was on display throughout the arena. This was my intersection with the event as I made friends with #Shoeminati and fans of the Combat Jack Show.

Allow me to tell you the story of the event thru my photolog…


The team representing the West pulled away with the win altho’ my favorite player in the game was a kid named Tyler Ennis. I’m gonna be keeping an eye on Tyler since he will attending Syracuse in the fall.


A sneaker circle with some young dudes. All the shoes aren’t Air Jordan but they are all crispy. Peep my dude at 11 o’clock with the suede Pumas on. And they are laced RIGHT!


My homey Myles rocking the Varsity Red VIs. Clean.


These 7s belong to an Internets with the handle @King_AlfredJulius and I fux with dude (no Sandusky)


Since we were in Brooklyn you already know that Lifestylers were in the building extra heavy on the flag.



Salutes to my man right here who rocked the All-Star Lebron 9s with a lion tee from Sean John that picked up the colorway of the kicks. So much style was on display at this event I can’t even begin to tell you.



Never sleep on the ladies when it comes to representing their kick game proper. Guess which one was rocking the Concords?


I don’t like when people where adidas track pants with Nike shoes, but hey, what am I gonna do? Peep sunn at 3 o’clock.



That’s your man Combat Jack rocking the Tims, natch.




Trust me on this… The Sky High Dunk will be murder in the streets on all the feets of fly ladies this summer. Homegirl went all incognegro on me. LMFAO




The Area 72 Barkleyposite will PWN every sneaker circle it steps in. The DuPont 3M Scotchlite is FIYAHVERKXXX!



Now if this chick would have had on the Barkleyposites with that jacket… She would have shut down the concourse. She still held her own with the BRed XIs tho’.


Hawaii Mike got his sox swag turnt up to a trillion. LOL


This pair of Kevin Durant Elites was the shutdown for sneakers and what was even crazier was how sick his ‘Fit was. My camera couldn’t handle all that swag.


Oh, and yeah, Drake performed a mini-concert after the game. Bow down bitches!


My last sneaker circle was with my mans-n-them Jason Negron from the Jordan Brand. Jason has been fuxing with the Internets for a long time. I’m happy to see him doing well with Jordan.


Now I’m headed back to the crib on the #3 train. The Jordan Brand Classic was so dope I will travel to experience it next year. It was ‘wear’ the Internets and Sneaker Fiends Unite.

3 Responses to “Who’s Got Next?”

  1. Jaislayer says:

    Too dope!!!

  2. BrickCity77 says:

    DP wattup! Tyler goes to my old High School (St. Benedict’s Prep), the same school JR Smith went to here in Newark, Tyler definitely putting on right now

  3. MikySnax says:

    Ya know, I’m not feelin’ the adidas track suit, Nike shoes combo but in our day it was adidas track suits w/Wallabees or suede Bally’s. So is it a wash? Hell no, blue track pants and blue Bally’s was next level shit!

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