Inside An AIM Conversation With DP Dot Com And OH WORD!

billy dee

DP Dot Com: you think Billy Dee hit that?
OH WORD!: without question
DP Dot Com: yeah, he prah’lee came in her belly button
OH WORD!: I watched a bit of Empire Strikes Back on cable
DP Dot Com: ep 5 was the best
OH WORD!: Billy Dee definitely hit Leia
DP Dot Com: nahh
OH WORD!: yep
DP Dot Com: she was looking for some cock wasn’t she?
DP Dot Com: you saw how Jabba turned her out into a ho in ep 6

3po r2

DP Dot Com: you think C3P0 was a top or bottom?
OH WORD!: ha
DP Dot Com: I think R2 was a power bottom
OH WORD!: nahh R2 had to be a top… remember he was always plugging his shit into whatever port
DP Dot Com: yeah true
OH WORD!: R2 was the pitcher… Luke was his catcher
OH WORD!: C3PO liked to watch
DP Dot Com: nahh he hit 3PO
DP Dot Com: thats why 3PO was always twisted when he couldnt find him
DP Dot Com: thought R2 was giving it to some anon droids com port


OH WORD!: Mark Hamill had to turn gay when they grafted his ass on to his face
OH WORD!: after the motorcycle accident
DP Dot Com: he was always gay
OH WORD!: ok but thats when he got balls out gay
DP Dot Com: he held Kenobis ballsachs
OH WORD!: the emperor was a pedophile
DP Dot Com: totally

bm joker

DP Dot Com: Hamill did the voice for joker in BM cartoons
DP Dot Com: you think BM hit Joker?
OH WORD!: ha
DP Dot Com: Bugs Bunny is a total fag
OH WORD!: he dresses like a chick whenever possible
DP Dot Com: you know he let Fudd hit it
OH WORD!: Lion-O was queer as folk
DP Dot Com: a total fag
DP Dot Com: I heard He-Man boned Skeletor
DP Dot Com: pun wholly intended
OH WORD!: lol
DP Dot Com: G-Force wasnt gay
DP Dot Com : they all banged the girl
DP Dot Com: ok maybe G-Force was gay


OH WORD!: smurfette was always kept busy
DP Dot Com: smurfette was a whore
DP Dot Com: a dirty whore slut
OH WORD!: and a tease
OH WORD!: thats why they all had blue balls… ohh!
DP Dot Com: lol
DP Dot Com: I think she let papa smell it though
OH WORD!: papa couldn’t get her off though
OH WORD!: always talking about “not much farther now”
DP Dot Com: she used papa for his tricks


OH WORD!: you think they’ll care at bb kings if I bring in an slr camera?
DP Dot Com: nahh, you can bring a rocket launcher up in that mug, just put it inside your jacket
DP Dot Com: they dont search nobody
OH WORD!: cool

13 Responses to “Inside An AIM Conversation With DP Dot Com And OH WORD!”

  1. Nigeria says:

    That’s mad gay.

  2. Misha says:

    that part about buggs bunny is so true, i always say that bugs is a white fag, daffy is a black fag, yosemity sam is a red kneck, foghorn leghor is a pimp. Its funny how cartoons imitate life

  3. apple halsey says:


  4. Lion XL says:

    Ya’ll have tooooo much free time! But just to set the record straight, batman was a pedophile. How you gonna dress some little boy in elf shoes, tights, a cape and a fucking corset and NOT be a pedophile?

    come to think about it…alot of them hero dudes were no better than catholic priests or Mark Foley!

  5. OA says:

    LMAOOOO… the last convo was my favourite
    i’m crying

  6. NoMamesBuey says:

    Yo this post is as retarded as the Theocrat ReThuglicans like Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson that actually claimed that some cartoons like Sponge Bob Squarepants or Teletubbies or Ernie & Bert are gay.

    Hey ‘tards, fictional cartoons or non-humans are for litlle kids. As such they’re FOCKING CARTOONS & asexual.

    No mames buey!

  7. rafi says:

    Funny thing is they did search me but they didn’t at all pat down my jacket pockets, both of which had bulky heavy solid metal photo equipment stuffed inside.

    I could have brought a hand grenade and some nunchuks up in there!

    Caucasian Express: membership has its privileges.

  8. prynsex says:

    Yeah Smurfette turned tricks for Smurf berries.

  9. Unruly says:

    ROFLMAO!! Man, y’all are throwed! LOL @ “not much farther now”!! LAWD!

  10. esbee says:

    LOL! thanks for ruining the Lion-O and He-man images..

  11. Monkeywarrior says:

    Roflmao. That was Fuckin hilarious.

  12. Ugh, I need a doughnut

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