BILLY SUNDAY’s Ghettofabulous Holiday Gift Guidebook


For the price of two LCD plasma screens you can get your flat screen on fool! Holler at your bizzoy.


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13 Responses to “BILLY SUNDAY’s Ghettofabulous Holiday Gift Guidebook”

  1. UncleJoe says:

    Damn, thats my house.

  2. thatwhitedude says:

    this is what is called n*gg*r riggin right?

  3. RD says:

    ^^ don’t overstep your boundaries…but damn this shit is funny. talk about innovative lol

  4. Vik says:

    this had me rollin…..

  5. sangano says:

    yall seen that video of your favorite rappers favorite rapper *RAEKWON* tearing the lid off your favorite rappers *JIGGRO* latest anemic album? Dude flat out labeled it for what it is…

    i could provide a link…but thats not what im here for

  6. Tiffany says:


  7. kola says:

    This is too much man…….

  8. Nigeria says:

    I got that carpet, and it’s dusty like that as well.

  9. prynsex says:

    Dead damn wrong for that shit.

  10. Carlos Mac says:

    Yankie ingenuity! LOL!

  11. Gee says:

    That was so funny!

  12. Ms. E says:

    This is one of dem new thangs. Tha 22nd Century. This is sick funny.

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