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Rest In Peace to the OL’ DIRTY BASTARD

Tonight’s show at B.B.Kings featuring RAEKWON, REDMAN, KEITH MURRAY and SMIF-N-WESSUN promises to be one of the great Hip-Hop events in NYC this year. Along with the all star lineup performing on stage the blogging superfriends will be in the building.

OH WORD! will undoubtedly drop a recap. Check him out tomorrow.

RAEKWON featuring GHOSTFACE & NAS – ‘Verbal Intercourse’


  1. Vik says:

    dallaspenn DOT COM. keepin it GULLY.

    damn. now i wish i got those tix. unfortunately, it added up to too much money and time. time = money, thus, that’s a whole lotta money, all on a blogger’s salary of ZERO dollars, before taxes.

    our brother at OH WORD should be droppin a recap.

    oh yeah, FIRST

  2. dubble13 says:

    Just to let you know…this is not the type of site to yell “first”… Each post only gets 1-15 responses…but the readership is much larger I’m sure….

  3. Nigeria says:

    When that CD was released I skipped school and waited until midday which was when the local record shop opened. There was like three or four of us, that CD was bangin.

  4. Sangano says:

    the show at hammerstein on Valentine’s Day was banging…great way to take out the wifey and enjoy yourself tooo lol

  5. the_dallas says:

    ^dude, show at the Hammerstein was a WU show which is exponentially greater than just seeing one or two members.

    RAE still delivered the goods though – WU bangers and classics from the ‘purple’ tape plus Ol’ Dirty Dog hits. Combine that with an appearance from the Funk Doc, Cocoa B’z, Sean Price and Rock and you got more than you bargained for.

    Shouts to the white cats that got me lifted for no money down. White is always the best when it comes to their weed, only Blacks and Browns be acting stingy on the blunt. Relax my dudes, the shit grows in the ground, you’ll have more tomorrow.

  6. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    White will also lace your blunt with some LSD, Methamphetamine or Rocket fuel. Maybe thats just my experience.

    Good to hear those Cats still rock.

  7. Sangano says:

    it was great to see the whole Wu together, sans ODB of course. they really solidified their position as the greatest crew ever with me that nite.

  8. the_dallas says:

    Eloheem Star just spoke some truth from the booth.

    My problem is that I’m cool with LSD (even though Levert died)

  9. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    That would be LSG… See what happens when you mess with the White.

  10. Lion XL says:

    Sangano…..can’t nobody top the Cold Crush……

  11. Sangano says:

    they ain’t seeing the WU

  12. Smoke Dogg says:

    we the best out of the south no bullshit real talk…New Orleans in here yall get @ us we about to blow up baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Smoke & Doe’ Ja
    Born and raised in what now is known famously as the “UPT” Smoke and Doe’ja we’re born in the 17th ward in the neighborhood of Gertown. Having been exposed to the usual climate of violence and drugs the boy’s mother though it would be better for them to move downtown with there grandmother to a middle class neighborhood in the 9th ward. Press Park would only offer the same environment being so close to one of the city’s most notorious projects. The Desire was known for some of the city’s most violent crimes, and that’s where they would get their first taste of rap music. Doe’ja was introduced to the hip hop culture by his big brother E-Mac which helped him expose his self in Grambling, LA doing shows at various clubs with artist like UNLV, B.G. and U.G.K. Being heavily influenced by artist like Scarface, 2pac, LL Cool J, and I Cube, Doe’ja would have his first experience in hip hop in 1984 at the New Orleans World Fair. This would be the beginning of his journey for rap success. With several performances under his belt, he and his brother E-Mac started a group called the Unknown Mob, while younger brother Smoke in the wings waiting to prove himself he started his own group which would lead to him making beats on his own. The brothers would go on there own roads to achieve success.

    Doe and E going to Grambling and Smoke going to Southern they all worked on different projects. Smoke collabing with the Baton Rouge hip hop scene would work with some of No Limit’s prominent artist such as, Kane & Able and Fiend. Then to move on to Atlanta to try to further his career. He worked with underground dj’s, and featured on HOT 107.9 as a freestyle artist and got a chance to freestyle with the industry’s best like Mr. Cheeks, Slum Village, Archie and producers on the come up like him. Trying to come up on the hip hop scene Doe’ja was offered many different offers from local rap label that didn’t fit the bill, but with his hustling skills decided to start his own record label Heavie Weight in 1998.

    Unable to score a deal that was gravy enough for Smoke to sign a deal he decided to just create his on sound and buzz the underground music scene. Since then Smoke has dropped a solo project and both have dropped underground disc. They would join forces years later after the death of the big brother E-Mac which would bring Smoke back to New Orleans to work with his big brother Doe where they would collabe to introduce to the world who they are “ DA GUDDA BRUDAZ”. Having their first finished project at a hault due to hurricane Katrina which they experienced first hand by staying in their studio to finish mixing down the album to be released. Having to evacuate their studio in boats and spend a week at the New Orleans Convention Center. Smoke & Doe’ja had to live up to their names and kept it Gudda in the conditions they were placed in. Now after the storm there city is out of commission, but they are bouncing back on the music scene, with the gudda music for the streets, from the realest of the the real gudda streets of New Orleans, LA.

    Created May 2, 2006

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