SEINFELD DVD’s Do Not Care About Black People


First off, I have to repeat this from the post where I first discussed KKKramer’s remarks…

MICHAEL RICHARDS wasn’t lying when he said what he did. As a matter of fact, by looking at the events that took place over the weekend here in New York City I think it’s safe to say that a public lynching for any Black man who gets slick with the tongue is still a right for a privileged American. Whether its a rope around the neck and a fork up the azz or fifty pieces of searing hot lead the effect is still the same most fair-minded people would agree.

Why I’m pissed at MICHAEL RICHARDS is because I was all ready to go out and support my hebrew brethren JERRY SEINFELD and copp his new DVD, and now I even have to boycott watching the reruns on television. Unfortunately, this includes watching LARRY DAVID’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ as well. I know that seems a bit excessive, but trust me, fifty bullets is what’s really excessive. Me sacrificing some of my favorite television programming for my principles is easy. I’ve got enough anime and kung fu movies to last me until June or July of 2009 anyhoo. By then KKKramer should have expressed his contriteness for ruining my SEINFELD experience.

If dude wants to expedite the healing process he should take his azz to Namibia and adopt one of those big waterhead African jig babies.

I’m just sayin’…

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  1. thatwhitedude says:

    you’re right in that its really weird/hard to watch seinfeld reruns now. i bet jerry is really pissed off at richards cause i’m sure season 7 dvd sales will not be as high as those in the past. although i don’t see how larry david is to blame and why you would boycott curb, or is richards in those a lot also? and i hope you’re kidding about the adopting to make it better comment, cause for one i wouldn’t want a black kid living with that crazy racist dude, and plus i’m sure the public and black population would just get even more pissed off at him and call him a slaveowner/buyer or other things. the dude needs to just pay off the dudes he went off on say he is a racist and then disappear forever.

  2. Yo I just posted about this.
    Get out of my head kid.

    Jesse Jackson said jigs should boycott the Season 7 DVD.
    Regardless, I bet Season 7 DVD sales will be higher than ever.

    And don’t blame Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm is that crack.
    At least the early seasons were.

  3. Lion XL says:

    you know whats really Ef’d up? I use to like kkkramer…he was the closest thing to black dude on that show….NO Job, always mooching, and you know dude was puffin’ El’s on the reg…..But Ef him. He’s not even worth being a waste!

  4. Combat Jack says:

    a fan of Seinfeld, not a fan of wanton murder of Black men. I got enough PS2 games to last me til’ end of ’08.

  5. mars says:

    African jig babies?? I am boycotting this effing blog !!

  6. Jesse says:

    “I’ve got enough anime and kung fu movies to last me until June or July of 2009 anyhoo.”

    erm…and a porno or 47…

    but yeah, fuck kkkramer. i will never have the same love i had for ‘Seinfeld’ again. the shit is tainted now because of that motherfucker. i mean, you always knew that mel gibson was striking a jesus christ pose in his movies and that his father’s antiquated fundamentalist catholic beliefs were passed down to the son. so his anti-semitic meltdown wasn’t really a surprise. but michael richards going off like that was definitely a surprise, as i had always considered him cool. so fuck kkkramer. boycott is on.

  7. you people are morons says:

    i cant believe u people. not watching any shows related to kramer is fing crazy. why would you deprive your self of good tv. because some pieces of shit where in the audiance talking during a comedy routine. which we all know your not allowed to do. but under the pressure he has in that environment he said some things that he shouldnt of have. have u ever said something you shouldnt of in the heat of anger. something to a possible wife/girlfriend that you knew would piss them off, or a sister whoever. i am sure you have. calling something out you know that she doesnt like about her self or something that you know would anger her. so dont lie to yourself. second, this is a common excuse. but if black people want that word to be forgotten, stop making it cool. i am sorry. you know how influential yout music is. there for people begin to accept the language you use. regardless if you feel that it should only be used between brothers. if thats the case then write a rap song about how its negative to say the n-word and start promoting change instead of an ignorant thought.

  8. Billy Sunday says:

    ^I don’t like to reply to people that leave anonymous e-mail addresses because those people are blatant cowards who don’t even want to represent the words they type in a computer forum, but since you left an e-mail address (although it was pretty dicey) I will grant you the benefit of the doubt.

    The issue of good television is remotely baseless when you consider what more than 400 years of supremacy has reduced the condition of African Americans to. I will boycott this product and any other subsequent project that Michael Richards is involved in until he submits some time or money to a proactive charity that fights supremacy. Michael Richards wasn’t wrong or historically inaccurate in what he said, but he was indicated to be a cowardly bigot. He essentially yelled fire in a crowded theatre because he was forced out of his comfort zone.

    If you want good television peep the ‘Eyes On The Prize’ series that PBS channels are broadcasting. It is the most hardbody series on TV. Even ‘The Wire’ can’t compete because ‘The Wire’ isn’t really real. The ‘Eyes On The Prize’ series documents the real life struggle against terrorism and tyranny here in America that was fought by Black and whites together in brotherhood.

    FUCK THE SEINFELD DVD’s and FUCK Michael Richards’ paychecks from the backend sales of those supremacist apologist disks.

  9. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    ^ I’m not angry at what he said I’m angry at the faux apology. I am a firm believer that you can say whatever you want, but also be willing to take responsibility for your words and actions. Most of the comments posted are said in jest, calling people morons and pieces of shit is not only uninventive and counter productive its a poor reflection on who you are.

    I suggest you join Michael Richards on his quest to find where the source of his anger originates from.

    Btw …What is this” you people” shit about?!?

  10. LM says:

    Billy Sunday and Eloheem Star:

    You are very polite to “you people…”

    I think the tag alone indicates this isn’t someone who deserves the time of day, let alone the assumption someone interested in or capable of intelligent discourse. Maybe it’s a Ross Perot relative?

    I thought this was funny, though, from the “you people…” post:

    (I’ve cleaned up the spelling and punctuation) “…talking during a comedy routine, which we all know you’re not allowed to do.” LMAO

  11. Gee says:

    OK, I’m completely with you on this! 51 fuc#%& bullets was WAY excessive and for old boy to reload his gat was just unmentionable!!! I was all set to add Seinfirld 7 to my Xmas list and God knows Al ( Sharpie) Sharpton has never been a favorite of mine…but this time…I gotta go with the masses…this shit is soooooo on!

  12. Gee says:

    PS. for the record…I don’t think that Jerry gets down like that, but damn son. that is a HELL of a BURDEN to wear…I saw the Letterman thingy but the audience had no idea that Michael Richards was serious…I just think old boy lost it…same as we do from time to time…’cept not in public…

  13. Billy Sunday says:

    It’s not even a question of Jerry getting down like that. Michael gets down like that and Michael and Jerry and Jason and Julia make A GRIP off Seinfeld residuals. It’s called guilt by association and it has been used on Blacks from jump street. It’s why young Black teenagers experience anxiety around people.

    Jerry, Jason and Julia are gonna have to take the knock for their boy KKKramer until the community sees some kind of restitution.

  14. I still cant believe this says:

    all u guys can do is comment on my grammer. come on. reality tv sucks will not watch that. so in regards to ‘Eyes On The Prize’ why would i watch that. what would be the reason to leave my email address for all of you people to see. can anyone comment on any part of my message that starts with. you people are morons. i am assumming most of u are black. why dont u idiots boycott rap music or televsion that promotes the stereo type. the fact that you react so harshly makes me think that you when he said that crap that, it brought memories back from when you where a slave. serious. your all hyprocrits. stop using the word. and the trend will move on to everyone else. you got it. stop promoting. this is getting to much attention to what else is going on in the world, with problems we as a country cause. the last thing we need is this to be on the news for weeks to come. Gee says it correctly. he lost it. just like all you fools have. and sorry if my grammer is not perfect for you scholars to read.

  15. I still cant believe this says:


    1. reparation made by giving an equivalent or compensation for loss, damage, or injury caused; indemnification.
    2. the restoration of property or rights previously taken away, conveyed, or surrendered.
    3. restoration to the former or original state or position.
    4. Physics. the return to an original physical condition, esp. after elastic deformation.

    non of you deserve this. inless you feel that you where the audiance members of the show. stop acting like a victim. your not.. just becuase u might be part of the same race doesnt mean he was talking to you. in a crowed room, if someone said the n word. would you all go “yes”. stop it now. he was not talking to you.

  16. Billy Sunday says:

    ^ppl might be commenting on your grammar because it directly describes your ability to form a cogent argument.

    The argument that you make about cRap music and the ‘N’ word is better received in a cRap music webforum. I’m not sure how you stumbled onto this site, but there are only grown folks speaking over here (white and Black too, but that’s not the point).

    The point of this post was to say that I am going to attack supremacy with my wallet and I implore my readers to do the same. If you are a sponsor for supremacy then that’s your business. What I say here will never change that for you and that is also why the ‘Eyes On The Prize’ documentary isn’t for you either. Your reality and your judgement are subject to different protocols. No big deal.

    Anyhoo, you are still a coward that doesn’t have moral or ethical structure to represent a level of manhood with your comments. There are tons of websites for children to play on, but this spot ain’t the one.

    Silly supremacist, tricks are for kids.

  17. I still cant believe this says:

    i definitly have moral and ethical structure, i am not a racist. my grammer doesnt describe my ability to argue.what about your use of “aint”. because i think that everyone is making a bigger deal about this then it should be is an opionion i hold. doesnt make me a supremacist of any sorts. Infact with all this conversation here and else where, is going to make the dvd sales go further then they even expected. i dont think that richards is a supremacist. every person in the world makes stereotypes, regardless of the what there about.

    Calling me a coward for what reason again. i definitly have the level of manhood to represent whatever i say. not sure where u picked up that bit of insight from what my comments.

    also because i feel that you are all a little sensitive on this subject doesnt make me a supremacist.

    by the way the grammer doesnt congent an argument its the points made, however they are conveyed in the disscussion. inless you where completely unable to understand what i was sayin, The whole concept of trying to get everyone to stop sayin the “n” word is very relevant in what in my comments.

    but to attack my intelligence and manhood is poor writing on your part. if you know anything about arguments, Using logical fallacys is not the appropriate way to accomblish your goal, which i am guessing is to Enlighten or make a postive change where you see fit.

  18. I still cant believe this says:

    ill give you the fact i may need to spell and grammer check.. but hey its the interenet not an essay

  19. Billy Sunday says:

    ^You are clearly faced with a choice…

    Buy/Rent Seinfeld DVDs = support supremacy

    Boycott Seinfeld DVDs = support justice and equality

    you can get with this, or you can get with that

    the choice is yours

  20. Lion XL says:

    To anyone here that doesn’t understand the problem with KKKramer it’s this, as far as using the ‘N’ word, I can forgive that. I am not going to, but I can. But that other stuff he said? thats no type of comedy. If I were to get on forum (and a comedy show is a forum!) and made negative remarks (and disguise it as humor) regarding the atrocities of the holocaust or Darfur or Katrina or any other country/city/whatever that has experienced and extinction level event, would rile up the masses to boycott, march, stampede, riot, whatever.

    There is a difference in saying ‘yo mama so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck’ and saying yo mama is fat, lazy, section 8, underprivileged, hood rat that should have been put to death after her lazy hoe moms got bang raped by neighborhood dog. Not much humor in that statement is there?

    and besides, Why is that whenever we (people of color) attempt to stand together and protest we’re told we are over reacting? Meanwhile bikers can shut down union Square because Drivers need to acknowledge them, or the Hasidim can shut down eastern parkway whenever they believe they have been victimized.

    What are we sheep that should just roll over and be slaughtered? We have a voice and as much rights to voice it as anyone else. If you like our voice, you can turn the volume down and walk away. Maybe you aren’t supposed to understand our angst, but we do.

  21. Smoke Dogg says:

    kramer the kkk.

    need to be sued.

  22. Vik says:

    yo justs heard that seinfeld season 7 is FLYIN off the shelf, sales up 75% from the equivalent time after season 6 from last year.

    no such thing as bad publicity. hmmmmm, was this staged, a la 50 vs game. jay vs jim jones…….just more conspiracy

  23. Gee says:

    I cannot even fathom that Jerry Seinfield/ Larry D would affiliate the success or launch of Season 7 with the stupid and blaitantly racist remarks Michael Richards made and owns! He ( Richards) has to own that shit and make reparations for it…I almost could have forgiven him if the shit was funny, but it wasn’t!!!! While I do believe he is extremely sorry he got caught out there like that, that is the price you pay when you attempt to sail unchartered waters.

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