The Real Meaning of the Word “WIGGER”

peace to the gods

Everybody thinks that a ‘wigger’ is a white guy that dresses and acts ‘Black’. That has confused me for years since I have no idea what dressing and acting Black really means. Luckily, I finally figured it out and DALLAS PENN asked me to share my understanding of what a ‘wigger’ really is…

The ‘wigger’ is a tragic character in the cosmology of white folks. The ‘wigger’ wants to be white as much as any other white, but because of economics the ‘wigger’ can not be white. When a neighborhood is busted open with Black residents, all the white that have the financial means to relocate do so immediately, but the ‘wiggers’ are the whites that can not afford to relocate so they become ‘wiggerfied’. They must now live in a neighborhood with Blacks and use the same local services like supermarkets, hardware stores, delicatessens, etc., that the Blacks use. Some ‘wiggers’ will leave their neighborhoods and attempt to access the establishments that regular white has access to. Some like to call this passing. These places often must hire security personnel to dissuade the ‘wiggers’ from entering. Those ‘wiggers’ that are able to a evade the initial security clearance will be discovered when their zip code is revealed at the check out.

For all the readers that think that being Black in America is difficult, just know that being white in America and forced to live amongst Blacks is almost unbearable.

2 Responses to “The Real Meaning of the Word “WIGGER””

  1. janelle says:

    woo. wiggers are cool…im not white..nor am I black
    im brown.
    and I am not a wigger.

  2. dainty39gm says:

    Being black in America is difficult b/c of other blacks we call niggers and hood rats. They are lazy, ignorant, obnoxious, disrespectful, filthy, smelly, loud-mouthed, ugly, and full of shit.

    I don’t blame white people for not wanting to be/hang around niggers/niggas ’round the clock.

    Shit, I’ve lived in black neighborhoods all my life and I’ve realized that its NIGGERS AND HOOD RATS that causes the problems in black communities. As grown adults, they act and behave worst than children.

    I only wish white people could live in a black neighborhood and control these uncivilized, unruly black savages.

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