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I should prah’lee qualify that headline statement since 2006 is the first time that I heard the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album in it’s entirety. I wasn’t a fan of Jay-Z after he switched his style up to become a ‘hustler’. First off, what grown man aspires to be a ‘hustler’? Don’t hustlers do favors for other men?!? O.K. So I think these dudes meant hustling as in drug selling. That’s not as bad anymore, but where did all this come from? That wasn’t the style that dude brought into the rap arena so I wasn’t getting on board. I was a big fan of Uncle Ralph’s video program and dude did not pop that shit in ‘Hawaiian Sophie’. Anyhoo…

After I saw the ‘Resonable Doubt’ show at Radio City Hall I decided to listen to the album once and for all. I have to say that I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It’s the perfect CD to play inside your car while your driving on the highway. It’s like the soundtrack for anyone driving the getaway car after a bank robbery. It was total escapism. This Jay-Z guy is gonna be somebody one of these days. Since all the important Hip-Hop sites (as per XXL magazine) are doing their versions of year-end top 10 lists I thought I’d drop my own. Wanna see it? Well here it go…

1. Reasonable Doubt – Jay-Z
Since this is the first time that I listened to the entire album it’s like it dropped this year and there was no way dude was making this list on the strength of that ‘Kingdome Come’ woodchuck.

2. Champion Sound – JAYLIB
I had to listen to this again after ol’ dude passed away and the shit is still truck like a motherfucker.

3. Fishscale – Ghostface
Ghost brings it time after time. In ten years y’all will realize how futuristic this dude was and then y’all will try to buy my Iron Man kicks from me. No dice.

4. Hip-Hop Is Dead – NaS
NaS is another cat who seems to be re-energized with his career. Most disagree with me but I thought dude killed it on the track ‘Who Killed It’. The character called NaS doing a character’s voice is genius. All the haters are the same dudes that prah’lee couldn’t figure out the ‘Rewind’ track from Stillmatic. I give NaS credit for not being lazy or a coward to trying new shit. I was also the only nigga who liked the ‘Owe Me One’ track with Ginuwine so fuck y’all again.

5. King – T.I.
Yeah, and what?!?

6. Doctor’s Advocate – Gayme
A sweet, hearfelt G-song dedicated to his one true love. Just fun alone for counting the number of times he mentions Dre. Hint… Too many.

7. Most Known Unknown – Three 6 Mafia
I know this shit came out last year, but I didn’t give a fuck about these niggas ’til they won the trophy! And I still don’t care about these niggas, but I have to show respect to these cats for making stripper club music replace hyphy as that fringe Hip-Hop sound for the ’06. You know them niggas from Duke University was trying to pwn that girl to the Three 6 Mafia soundtrack.

8. Game Theory – ROOTS
Have to give it up to the greatest sound system in Hip-Hop. The ROOTS musicianship will keep some cats relavent long past their due dates.

9. The Outsider – DJ Shadow
Nahh, but I thought I’d throw that in anyhoo for the clipster contingent (no Breihan).

10. Niggaz & White Girlz – Kirb & Chris
Hands down the greatest blend of Hip-Hop and big 80’s evar. Get up on it.

For those of you that are scoring at home you should know that an album doesn’t need to be released this calendar year to find my wheelhouse of taste. If my car hadn’t been broken into and my OB4CL disk stolen that would have been the top album of 2006 again. So if anybody has the .rar for that one and the Chili Peppers ‘Californication’ send me the link. Nah’Mean?!?

12 Responses to “REASONABLE DOUBT = #1 ALBUM OF 2006”

  1. LM says:

    Your satire flow is tight. I had to pay attention.

  2. Re-up says:

    Good shit, I agree with everything on that list. Similar to the list I thought up.

  3. omega SB says:

    goddam Doorstep Girl by Kirb and Chris is sooo fuckin dope …i have to play it 3 times …along with Bistro by Madvillain …play that shit in successive rates lol …and yes Nas has very ginormous balls for the Who Killed it ? track …wat insane tact that is..and the song is ill too.

  4. Vik says:

    nice list dallas.

    just warnin ya….since a. i didn’t buy/download much new stuff this year AND b. i wasn’t feelin a lot of the 06 albums, I may have to steal your idea…

    maybe a post on the “albums that got me through 06″…..somethin like that. why limit myself to 06?

  5. come on dallas, you know as well as us clip/wigsters that lil wayne’s posse mixtape was the best album of 06.

  6. get fresh says:

    That “Who Killed It?” track is good conceptually but that damn voice is almost as awkward as that leather suit phase Nas went through in his “U Owe me” days!

  7. 911 says:

    I know I’m good for an email….so send that kirb and chris….never heard of’em so send it. Cheers.

  8. Alex2.0 says:

    have you seen tony parker’s video ft fabolous? feel free to translate for me.

  9. CB4 says:

    Here’s a link for OB4CL:

  10. ike says:

    the Kirb & Chris joint is nice.

  11. Eloheem Star says:

    Owe me one was my joint. Why people get mad when my man make a club record? Last night Nas was on Shot 97 with Flex talking about Hip Hop, the Tunnel and just random Barber Shop talk. That was one of the most entertaining radio interviews ever. They waived off Commercials and everything.

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