Wolverine Is The G.O.A.T.


I’ve decided to no longer experience my fanboy favorite things amongst other fanboys. I most assuredly will be hyper-critical of the work as I ruminate on all the things the movie or other production didn’t include from the original canon of the character(s).

When I go to see Captain America and Thor later this year I’m taking my 11yr old nephew. He isn’t bothered by the inconsistencies with the canons of these characters. He just wanted to be amazed. That’s all I ever wanted when I first started reading comicbooks.


Marvel Entertainment turned several corners when they committed their properties to Hollywood productions. They have Warner Brothers scrambling to put resources back into their comic book properties. The DC universe was flattened so many decades ago. They have had murmurs and fits but if you were gonna rock with one brand you would be dumb not to say “MAKE MINE MARVEL”.

Don’t play yourself and avoid seeing The Wolverine movie. Shit is dope. All of it.


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  1. gstatty says:

    Yeah this movie was fucking amazing. Yeah he didn’t have to battle through a mile of booby traps and yeah Shingen Yashida were not two different people and yeah that giant robot samurai Wolverine fought was never a mech. But even with all the changes to the canon it was a fucking great movie.

  2. Word??? I’ve been real hesitant to see this movie in fear of it being another fuck up. Wolverines origins in the last movie was the worst…. Hollywood fucked that shit up, it was disrespectful to real fans and comic book readers.

    The trailer for this new one seems fucked up too. If wolverine has his healing factor removed, he will die instantly. The adimantium is poisonous to his body. Its seems like hollywood changed up the rules again for the sake of theatrics.

    I guess i will take your word for it and check it out…

  3. BIGNAT says:

    Yeah they did things a little different the overall product was good. The movie won’t wow you much but other than the jean grae parts. The movie is solid

  4. Fosterakahunter says:

    If DC never sees another title become a successful film property, they have the Nolan/Bale Batman trilogy.

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