Rest In Peace To The WIGFATHER


“If you just give a man a wig, he may not know how to brush it, but if you teach a man the value of his wig, he will always take care of his wig”

As the internets prattles on ad nauseum about the greatness of the Wigfather we thought that we should highlight a few of the many people that the Wigfather trained in his soulful school of Wig Ownership. In this way you still have the opportunity to see the Wigfather manifest his influence in the entertainment realm. JAMES BROWN is to music what MICHAELANGELO is to painting what SHAKESPEARE is to tragedy what the Sun is to life on Earth.

So show some mother effing respect to the Wigfather!

More than just a Wig Owner, the Wigfather used his wigs to buy record labels and radio stations. The Man knew that the Wigfather was the truth and he sent all kinds of ho’s and IRS flunkies after him to slow down his Night Train. The Wigfather’s example of creativity and determinism wasn’t lost on any of the musicians that he came in contact with either.



From humble beginnings as a doo wop singer and hair stylist from Plainview, New Jersey, the Wigfathers’ number one disciple became a major Wig Owner in his own right.
GEORGE CLINTON spearheaded the next generation of funk soldiers by creating several bands that would be recording albums all the while simultaneously touring. Parliament, Funkadelic, Parlet, The Brides of Funkenstein… The list goes on and on.

bootsy george


Listen to the bassline on ‘Sex Machine’ and you are hearing a young BOOTSY COLLINS grind for JAMES BROWN and the J.B.’s. BOOTSY was an incredible talent and the Wigfather knew that with the right direction he would become a legend and extremely wig wealthy.

lenny terrence

It would take these two cats combined to give you the full impact that the Wigfather brought to the stage, but at least these dudes have been steady maintaining the wigs that they earned.



If anyone realized the Wigfather’s acclaim in the popular music field it would have been the ‘King of Pop’. No single artist has sold more albums across the globe than this eccentric and brilliant Wig Owner. MICHAEL’s brilliance was in taking the Wigfather’s advice and buying the publishing catalogs of other popular musicians. In all of MICHAEL JACKSON’s publishing empire do you know that he doesn’t own one JAMES BROWN song?! M.J. had ’nuff respect for the Wigfather.

rick james


rick james bitch RICK JAMES
RICK JAMES didn’t just inherit the Wigfather’s funky grooves, but he also liked to put his foot on a broad when she slipped out of pocket. Unfortunately for us RICK JAMES returned to the essence before the Wigfather but you can enjoy some of RICK JAMES best work in the countless Hip-Hop samples of ‘Mary Jane’.


No one replicated the Wigfather’s energy and creative spirit more than PRINCE. From the dance moves to the caterwauling screams PRINCE is everything that the Wigfather intended him to be. A sex machine with ants in his pants.

If you ever have a chance to see ‘Purple Rain’ in Brooklyn or Manhattan please do so. I will be somewhere in the theatre singing all the songs in my unfortunately un-PRINCE like voice.

10 Responses to “Rest In Peace To The WIGFATHER”

  1. macfac says:

    just wanted to add that GC is from Plainfield, NJ (no Plainview here)…..that’s where I was born…he used to cut my father’s hair back in the day…

    dope post though…holla!

  2. Candice says:

    This was a great post. Very true. And where the hell is Terrence Trent D’Arby? I loved that damn CD!!!!

  3. omega SB says:

    hey im from Plainfield too my uncle was in Parlaiment , Fuzzy Haskins one of the dudes who helped start it up when they was doo wopin at the barbershops and sung with them till like the 80’s ….just my 18yr old 2 cents

  4. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    Funkadelic and Parliment gets constant rotation in da whip. I Meet George Clinton at J & R Musicworld early in the summer. He’s a Cool Dude. There should be a 2 hour Funk Slot With GC as the host during the afternoon rush hour on WBLS. Do we really need 5 hours of Wendy Williams!?!

    Terrence Trent D’Arby Changed his name and lives in Europe, he had some deal with Koch records a few years back.

  5. Amadeo says:

    The wigs live on…

  6. the_dallas says:

    my badd on the Plainview/Plainfield factoid, but we all agree that even back in the day GC was working on keeping wigs looking they most proper.

    Fuzzy Haskins is the shit.

  7. FaTBoY says:

    Whoever is gonna carry the torch is gonna have to become a wig owner. So that they can carry on the tradition. But since the present crop of r&b artists can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as J.B. I guess we’ll have to wait for Chris Brown to grow up.

  8. Goliano says:

    My brush with wig brusher greatness:

    I met “Shady” Grady Thomas of Parliament/Funkadelic at an Atlanta area swap meet. He was selling old waffle irons and used masonry tools.


  9. Gee says:

    Richeous post!
    James B did for lye and spandex what no one else did…
    Best Bootsy Collins:…”I’d rather be with you…”

  10. Eloheem Star says:

    I just heard on the news that they still have not laid James Brown’s body to rest. WTF!

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