40 Below Trooping…


The Timberland Iditarod Superboot also known as the ’40 Below’ will be the zenith of their 40th anniversary releases, but don’t sleep on ANY of the boots dropping in this pack. Especially the World Hikers.

I certainly understand how mythical the 40 Below boot is. They were worn by Tupac in ‘Juice’ and Das EFX before that. Classic NYC street style is always in fashion.

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  1. DQ says:

    DA TIMBERLAND DON!!!!!! I can’t wait to have this pack in my hands!!!

  2. Van says:

    The construction is classic. The 40 Belows were slightly before my time but I vividly remember saving money to get the World Hiker.
    Got them from I.Goldberg, Phila. USA.

    Dope post DP.

    You’ve been at this for a while, good to see you getting recognition from these brands we’ve been supporting for so many years.

  3. the_dallas says:

    Salutes Van,
    Yeah I’m all hyped up now. I’m try’na see if the tree brand will let me put together a boot. I’ve got the archive to prove I’m in this to win this. We’ll have to see what happens with this release tho’. The World Hikers are looking magnificent.

  4. ooh wop says:

    Jungle Brothers 40 below trooper was just typed into YouTube search . That memory was sparked by u, also Im bangin my head against a wall right now trying to think of the video that Bukshot was rockin the 40 belows( and i think a Penguins,and or Devils hockey jerzee) Buttevaz, thanx for sparkin’ the old brainstem.

  5. illill says:

    I believe I gotcha open remix

  6. Winston says:

    Copped the 10061 and got a special treat. They FINALLY installed a full length orange leather insole!! That’s like the 3s with the NIKE on the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Corey J Barnes says:

    Well the 40s come with the wood box and book

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