From Gaza With Love…


Will the crazy madness in Palestine ever be put on pause? Prah’lee not. There’s some more shit going down over there with the love affair between Israel and their disaffected, displaced wig brushers. Israel’s foot has been buried so deep in the Palestinian’s arse a new appendage grew out several years ago. Most people refer to them as Hamas. These are the folks that think that they can beat back supremacy. Just when you think that Israel has killed enough kids in the West Bank to shut Hamas up forever, they come back with some rock throwing bullshit.

If you thought that everyone in Palestine was a Zionist h8r then you are dead wrong (excuse the pun). There’s a group of Palestinians called Fatah that wants to have peace in the region so much that they are killing Hamas supporters like they were Jews. Are you confused? My bad. Let me break shit down for you in the parlance that most of us Americans recognize.


You should look at Hamas as if they were the New York Knicks. Yeah, they’re a scrappy bunch, but they can’t get too far into the Palestinian playoffs because they don’t have the firepower. Fatah is like the Washington Wizards since they play in a different division of the same conference. Fatah has GILBERT ARENAS, ANTAWN JAMISON, CARON BUTLER and that other dude. So they have more firepower, but still no defense.

The reason why Fatah has more firepower is because they traded with the Western Idealogical Conference for ARENAS. At the end of the day the West is going to pwn whoever from the east steps up for the championship. Fatah will do whatever it takes to keep Hamas from going to the Palestinian playoffs. Fatah is all ready poised to throw the series for the check that the second place team gets. Too bad for the Fatah fans that the money they get still won’t keep the Western Conference from relocating their team.

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5 Responses to “From Gaza With Love…”

  1. Vik says:

    one word: brilliant.

    damn dp, you need to apply for foreign policy correspondent at the times.

    the TRUTH.

  2. Candice says:

    You know…you could teach the kids with this one DP. Then they would understand Foreign Policy.

  3. p-city says:

    I can’t sum it up any better than Vik: brilliant

  4. SteevO says:

    basketball and mid east politricks? dude you are one of the illest

  5. Amadeo says:

    Even politicians can understand this.

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