Hunts Point ‘Hood Rap Heat Rocks

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Cheap hookers and cheaper supermercados aren’t the only things that the South Bronx is full of. This YouTube clip is one of the outtakes from the ‘Internets Celebrity’ hit video titled “Bodega”. A mini camera in the Bronx might as well be American Idol auditions and this two man crew wasn’t gonna miss their opportunity for everlasting internets fame.

Peep your boy LOVE and his hypeman SLEEPY spit a hot 16 for the World Wide Web.

2 Responses to “Hunts Point ‘Hood Rap Heat Rocks”

  1. Sandinka says:

    Love Didn’t Look Prepared But He Came
    With It Nonetheless..I Never Thought I Would Hear
    Anybody Other Than That “Pimps Up Hoes Down”
    Dude Say Hunts Point. Bring Back Hazy Memories

  2. Tony says:

    Don’t get mad, but why in the HELL didn’t this make the final cut on Bodega?!!!!!!!

    This kind of street level encounter (no homo) is always my favorite kind of Internets video just like the guy informing you two about ice cream sandwich goodness was nice. . . Aw well, at least you put it up eventually. Actually, I thought the guy was pretty decent.

    Also, when will Brent Owens and the canon of his work get their just due???!!! Honestly, that dude was great . . . There were hookers and head bobbing and some poetry . . . Much nicer than watching the rest of the middle aged over sexed people on HBO.

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