I was in the A during the summer at Dukes new cribos and the Sneaker Pimps traveling convention was in town. Nobody can ever represent like NYC but folks in the ATL still showed they had some flavor. Peep some of the kicks these ‘bama fools be rocking…

atl pimps
The VENUS WILLIAMS and MANU GINOBILI Dunks. Sneaker Pimps in ATL had an unusual number of broads wearing stilettos. I heard that there were supposed to be strippers walking through the crowd naked because that is something they do a lot in Atlanta, but I didn’t see any. Thank goodness too, you can’t get your sneaker nerd on with flapjacks and hairpie stinking up the joint.

atl pimps
atl pimps
I give props to this vanilla milkshake dude for bringing his collection of shit to make all the Black boys jealous. This is a boss player move to make your girl a sneaker fiend along with you.

atl pimps
Homo thugs.

atl pimps
atl pimps
Sneaker fiends in Atlanta prah’lee run through a lot of sneakers since most cats don’t wear socks. That sucks to pay some decent money for your joints only to have them shits smelling like a hot opened bag of Dipsy Doodles corn chips come August.

atl pimps
atl pimps
atl pimps
Well looky here!?! Atlanta went and took it there by inviting some of that new young futuristic snatch to the party. Philipino chicks are the new young truth in 2007. These chicks have flavor and they look so right in some Frankie B pum pum shorts.

Speaking of shorts, I can smell the faint hint of pee pee and baby powder in these little girls pants. Mmmmmm-mmmm.

atl pimps
Dukes came with me to the party because she wanted to see the Kool Keith – Doctor Octagynecologist performance. Dukes is down with underground rap like a mother.

atl pimps
This dude won my ‘Pimp of the Party’ award for bringing out a crispy pair of ‘Live Together, Play Together Do The Right Thing’ Air Raids. I told him I still have the jacket, but he was too young to know what that meant. Kids…

11 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Candice says:

    Looking just like your mama. LOL Her face is like “What the hell did Dallas drag me out to?”

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^She just had to see what all my hype was about.

  3. twerkolator says:

    ^Sneaker fiends in Atlanta prah’lee run through a lot of sneakers since most cats don’t wear socks…

    the goal is to wear no-show ankle socks…it just looks way fresher when you rock fresh kicks and your ankles show (especially on rail-thin dudes like me with chicken legs). but on broads (like the ones pictured above)? it’s one of the greatest things in the world!

    some niggas kill me tombout they don’t fuck with broads who wear sneakers…sheeeeeit!!! i just saw this white girl in the super wal-mart with some grand prixes on. you know i had to stop and build with her.

    anyway, D, holla at a playa next time you’re in the A…

  4. twerkolator says:

    if you look closely, the white dude (with the black chick) is rocking the no-shows…

  5. bfnh says:

    white dude is od’n w/ the ladies edition invisible woman jawns. that’s prolly his girls socks he’s rockin. not the motts. the two of them look like a benetton X hypebeast ad.

    i had those air raids, too. was a young buck, they were quite scuffed.

  6. Yo!!!!!
    I remember when I had these in Elementary school. Will pay top dollar if anyone got word.

  7. Jo Van Gogh says:

    Yo, I was in the building that night too….I got plenty of flicks from the party peep

  8. omegaSB says:

    wow …..hypebeast pimps is it now ???. NEXT CITYYY!!!

  9. milk says:

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  11. Clarinda says:

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