Homo Thugs Are Runnin’ This Rap Shit…

lil weazle

In case you didn’t know, BILLY SUNDAY grinds for the Evil Empire.

After Gillie Da’ Kid was arrested a couple of weeks ago I started to get suspicious of your favorite rapper Lil’ Wayne. I thought that some shit was askew in how the Feds had been tapping Gillie’s jack and running surveillance on his crib for a while already. It seems like as soon as Gillie shitted on Wayne is when the Feds turned their microscope back on Gillie. Lil’ Wayne had probable cause to snitch too since Gillie outed him as the mysterious gay rapper. Look back at that picture of Wayne kissing birdbrain and you can see Wayne’s eyes are closed. That is the ultimate sign that someone is in love when they kiss with their eyes closed. That’s on some “Calgon take me away” shit.

O.K. So maybe Lil’ Wayne didn’t snitch on Gillie, but I bet you a dime to a dollar that Wayne is the reason that Drama got pinched. The Aphilliates were too close with that Tip dude from Atlanta. Tip even taught Drama how to wear his baseball hat on the side of his head. Since DJ Drama is a mulatto he doesn’t know how to dress Black. Just like Barack Obama doesn’t. So while Lil’ Wayne and Tip were competing for the title of King of the Crappy South Crappers, DJ Drama was giving his hometown buddy too much promotional help. That’s why Wayne called in the Feds and the RIAA to shut down Drama’s daily operation.

You may not believe me about Lil’ Wayne, but when you read the New York Times magazine this week you will see more evidence. Lil’ Wayne is quoted as saying that Drama, “Will have to play the game fair now.” Most of you cats are familiar with the DJ Drama produced mixtape featuring Lil’ Wayne titled ‘Dedication 2’. Did you know that ‘Dedication 2’ has outsold the official label release of ‘Like Father, Like Son’ by two times? Lil’ Wayne is salty because he feels like Drama is getting more cake from his rhymes than he is and I think he might be right. Keep in mind the money that Universal’s promotions department spent on paying DJ Drama to produce that Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Dedication 2’ disk has to be recouped by Wayne. In a real way the artist has to absorb the cost of the mixtape deejay the same way they had to pay for the A & R staff.

Your favorite blogger’s favorite rapper Pimp C isn’t a fan of the mixtape market either. Rappers are feeling a kind of way because mixtape deejays are getting paid for their rhymes and they aren’t breaking off the rappers with any change. That’s why Pimp C doesn’t do mixtapes, and that’s why Lil’ Wayne had to snitch on Drama (and Gillie). With the release of ‘The Carter III’ later this year Lil’ Wayne will be the last man standing and the best rapper alive. It’s a hard grind to get to the pinnacle of rap music and if you have to drop a few dimes and kiss a few men on the lips in order to get there I suppose it’s all good in the ‘hood.

As your favorite blogger would say, “Nullus to this entire post.”

30 Responses to “Homo Thugs Are Runnin’ This Rap Shit…”

  1. NoMamesBuey says:

    “feeling a kind of way” = dumbest & gheyest current internets slang. Effing be specific & direct with 1 frickin word – aggravated, incensed, upset, etc

  2. sasha says:


    “That is the ultimate sign that someone is in love when they kiss with their eyes closed. That’s on some “Calgon take me away” shit.”

    (wipes tears) okay i might be fired cause i’m still laughing hella hard. my first few kisses were completely eyes open to see who was looking and to make sure his eyes were closed. the block be hot at 2.30pm in the middle school parking lot.

  3. 40 says:

    WEEZY is the poster child of why the rap game is screwy. I’m gonna make an assumption for my following arguement. That assumption is that your average reader here is probably a late 20’s 30-something “Golden Era” type of individual. We remember when biting wasn’t cool, fronting could get you killed, and alot of what is accepted and promoted in todays cRap music are the antithesis of the rules we came up on…

    To quote “Recipe” by BO$$: “Ya gotta let a ho be a ho… HOOOOO!”

    Lets be real. Dwayne Carter has been seen, documented, and doesn’t deny locking lips with his BOSS that he calls DADDY – if this ain’t HO BEHAVIOR I don’t know what its, and I’ve seen The Mack! Ho tendency numero dos – this “man” (gender only) not only kisses his “Daddy”/Boss, he has his Bosses (who are still alive) names prominently tattooed on both his shoulders “SLIM” and “BABY”. Not satisfied with just those tattoos, he has “BIRDMAN JR.” also. Last I checked unless you’re honoring a dead homie, or family member, the only other time I see a living dude’s name on a human being was in Sue’s Rendezvous. Also as an ode to his Daddy/Boss as well as taking his Daddy/Boss’s stage name as his other “aka” name – Weezy F. Baby. So its bad enough you share the first name of the Queen of 70’s Dry Cleaning, you voluntarily son yourself not once, but TWICE with the nom de plumes of WEEZY F. BABY and BIRDMAN JR.

    I ask the jury this, in a day where we constantly question “KAN-GAY” and JOHN LEGEND’s team of choice, how do we dare let WEEZY get this pass on his obvious gheyness? Last I’ve checked we’ve had tons of “suspect” rappers but never the documented proof that WEEZY has. I also ask this of the jury, has thugging in rap gotten that crazy that we’re even taking prison relationships to the street? I mean there is something very bull and walkie relationship between BABY & WEEZY, like his contract buy out is merely 2 cartons of squares and desert for a month. Is cRap music that in tune with thugging that prison bitch relationships are accepted now WHEN NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO DO IT?????

    I’m just saying here people. I know how I was brought up and was raised on what a MAN is and what he does and DOESN’T do. In my eyes this tar baby clown ain’t no man in my book, he’s a ho with ho-ish tendencies so I end my statement with a resounding….


  4. Lion XL says:

    ^COSIGN…you killin me 40…..

  5. miss ahmad says:

    damn too bad i’m not a real hip hop head cuz the only name i recognize is lil wayne and i’m sorry he’s gay cuz i was thinking about taking his little ass home and feeding him some cornbread and attempting to break his back in bed….

    oh well!

    maybe i’ll just feed a katrina victim instead!

  6. Candice says:

    Between 40 and Miss Ahmad….I am done for the day. LMAO!

  7. Tiffany says:

    LOL @40
    My verdict is in and I say he’s gay…he’s on some ho ish…
    Who buys Lil Wayne’s crap music anyhow?

  8. Eloheem Star says:

    “Voluntarily son yourself” yup!
    That’s why I couldn’t get in to the Jay Z hype. Jay Z we always be Jaz-O son to me.

    • Lenna says:

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    • non mi stupisce.Se accetto l'idea che un'autorità abbia il potere legale di creare ricchezza devo necessariamente accettare qualsiasi cosa la rappresenti.non v'è differenza in questo tra Re o Fed o Bce ma per me è doveroso, essendo la cosa illogica ed innaturale, dubitare della durata di un sistema così architettato.Soprattutto in momenti come questi con la bancarotta degli uni che si regge sulla bancarotta degli altri.è chiaro che il domino è ormai disposto a puntino, alla prima svista, la prima pedina che cade se li trascina dietro tutti.WWWWwwwwrrrraaaahhhhhhmmMMMMMM!!!!

  9. Lil’ Wayne, with his disgusting tattoos, nasty dreads, biting of Pharrell’s wardrobe, biting of Jay-Z’s flow wholesale for “Carter’s I & II,” and his indulgent “guitar playing” in that new John Amachie approved video “Leather So Soft,” needs to be aired out by a superior MC.

    I don’t care if it’s Nas, Hov, KRS, Rakim, Kane, etc. Dude’s biggest claim to history is saying “Boggle-dee, boggle-dee” and he carries himself as if he made “Illmatic” in his sleep. He’s been signed since he was 12 years old (zero street cred), paid off Gillie the Kid to give him less than horrifying rhymes (unoriginal, no skills), mouth kisses a fat old man (no explanation needed), hates on the Clipse, Jay and DJ Drama (inferiority complex) and we’re supposed to applaude this douche lord because he drops 15 mixtapes a year and did a song with Robin Thicke???

  10. J™ says:

    Good shit Dallas and 40, good shit.

  11. FaTBoY says:

    Wayne is a bitch…… but Baby is a gangster. Straight up. Wit Wayne coming up under B.G., Baby and Slim, it kind of gave him a pass. Cuz dem dudes was doing some real things in the streets. Before the major deal the Williams brothers had Cash Money for real, and the street cred to back it up. Once they signed Juvie, it was a wrap. They kicked in the door and made No Limit records irrelevant. So it’s easy to see why Wayne acts the way he does, he feels that he’s a gangster by association.

  12. omegaSB says:

    40 i got your AF1 blue print …ill hit u up on myspace lol

  13. Amadeo says:

    40…your comment was worth a post of it’s own.

  14. 40 says:

    ^Thanks bro. I’ve been just wondering about how this dude is even relevant with the batty bwoy fuckery that he’s into. I mean seriously this kid epitomizes the lack of a real male role model around him.

  15. hex says:

    who gives a fuck who’s gay

  16. esbee says:

    “Calgon, take me away?”

    *end of post*

  17. boylookahere says:

    you know what i was trying to do something good and show the people i love respect in this. but you know when you put all your trust into something that has been dissasipateing for awhile, you start to lose hope. when i lose hope i always turned to music but when the music starts to turn against you, you got a problem. music has been the only thing i been able to hear and learn from because its about a struggle, its about life, its about my life. i am a “white boy from a lower class suburb” but you know it wasnt my family that had the money ever, i never had a damn thang i went from diffrent places to other places some worse than others. i been in phoenix, san jose, pasadena tx, just about a hella lot of ghetto cover places that look nice but when night falls that when the twizted come out and ripp family away. family has been the only thing i ever had. i need my family i dont even need my money because you know you cant sell a mixtape you do that shit free, hand outs and you make shirts and stupid lil products to get by on and live to be happy.

  18. proof says:

    btw dude…birdman is weezys dad…yeah he might not have many skills but he’s aight tho..you cant credit someone to be gay cuz they kissed their dad…get the facts straigh man

  19. cwheezy says:

    it aint bout the dude, its about the music. but i bet you one thing, i bet if someone had the balls to walk up to weezy and call him gay i bet he’d stomp theyre ass into the ground. i aint saying kissin birdman wasnt weird but shit, people can express themselves however they want, it aint botherin me, its not like he’s kissin me or any of yall. shit i bet some of yall wish he would anyway and like lil wayne said “let the bitch suck my dick, now her throat famous” ahha

  20. cwheezy says:

    “Damn right, I kissed my Daddy ,I think they pissed at how rich my Daddy is. And I’m his kid, I stunt with my Daddy, Call Ms Lee, she with my Daddy
    So diss me, and don’t diss my Daddy. ‘Cause who was there when no one wasn’t, Just my Daddy. Who was there when I needed money, Just my Daddy. So who be there when I see the money, Just my Daddy. Who said that I’d be the one. Just my Daddy. Hello Hip-Hop, I’m home It’s your Daddy” talk shit to that

  21. P67 says:

    cweezy.. lil Wayne is garbage.. his rhymes is garbage.. everything about him is garbage.. I for one never understood y a grown man would call another grown man “daddy”.. motha funka you ain’t my father.. broads say that shit to they manwhen they getting piped.. (love and respect to all the ladies out there.. mean no disrespect) not the other way around.. Jay-z and weezy killed themselves when they picked up them guitars.. I rock that bass and guitar all day.. don’t flatter me with that bullshit two note crap you call solos.. Homie you ain’t no jimi Hendrix.. these little tight pant wearing motha foe’s need to stop this bullshit..

    hip hop is still evolving into what it will eventually become.. Heavy metal also.. it really brings me down to see what’s going on now a days.. passion before fashion.. (except for that Lo shit) people are to concerned with what hot now. fuckin sheep

    Bring Back real hip hop..

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