The (white) Rapper Show: It’s A (white) Wrap!

ice ice baby

The ghetto revival was in full effect in Brooklyn as ego trip magazine and Mass Appeal celebrated the wrap up to season one of their runaway hit television show ‘ego trip’s (white) Rapper Show’. It was a star studded event that brought out some of the new ghetto’s great luminaries. Being an Internets Celebrity I thought I should join the fray of C-listers and general Hip-Hopdom that has come to embrace the (white) Rapper Show for the entertainment that it brings as it’s basic mission.

From the outset it looked like it would be a promising night as the line to enter the club formed early.



I didn’t have a ticket to the sold out event, but I am a gotdamned Internets Celebrity and that has to be worth something. As the intensity began to build up outside I knew I was going to need the hook up. Good thing my folks from OnSmash dot com rolled up on this piece. They had the carte blanche V.I.P. guest list open bar status and they put me down. Good looks to HOFFA and PLAIN PAT. FERRIS BUELLER?!? BUELLER? BUELLER? Where you at pimpin’?



I chopped it up for a few with G-Child. She comes from Allentown, Pennsylvania. If you know me when I go drinking then you know that I had to use all my mental power to restrain myself from singing that BILLY JOEL song ‘Allentown’. PERSIA was in the building and she was bringing sassy and sexy back for all the thick chicks. I give her points for smelling so good.



As always, Hip-Hop was for sale too. The Step-Off can was a big attraction during the pre-show.




Y’all know him as 40 DAWG. His streets name is DIESEL. 40 rolled through with LORD SEAR. Blogging groupies are coming out of the woodwork so I better get my azz to the gym so I don’t have this wild gut like BYRON CRAWFORD. She let me smell her ear too because I told her that earwax is gonna be the sexy new accessory for the 2007.



Hip-Hop documentarian HENRY CHALFANT came through as well as DP Dot Com arch-enemy TOM BREIHAN (pronounced BRY-HAN). We spent nearly an hour debating whether TUPAC was really dead and whether or not he actually wrote all of his rhymes. Let’s just say that we finally agreed to disagree. The extra cheese smile on BREIHAN’s grill is because he and his brother JIM had on crispier Baltimore Orioles fitted hats than your favorite blogger did. Posers.





For more pics of the party and the performers follow this link to A SALUTE TO WEED CARRIERS.

11 Responses to “The (white) Rapper Show: It’s A (white) Wrap!”

  1. Dj RaYz says:

    Damn, it musta got hot up in that joint. Look at all the sweat in the brim of Dallas Penn’s Hat!! Madd thuggish!

  2. getfresh says:

    Is that willie nelson disguised as 100 proof in that pic with G-Child? Who the fuck is that?! And am I the only one who thinks Persia looks more hispanic than white?

  3. rafi says:

    Oh what a night. It went down for real.

    By the way a Henry Chalfant feature is coming out very soon at Oh Word.

    Is Breihan 8 feet tall or is that a camera trick?

  4. 911 says:

    Living in the moment…..Salute. I hope you threw some back for the little people.

  5. Candice says:

    Hallelujah, Holla back! Those drinks look good.

  6. 40 says:

    Great time that night brother… I still wish G-Child would have picked me to come on stage and freestyle. How could you miss me with my hand up!?!?!

    Rafi – yeah he is that tall and because my boys were having a ball with the “He got you” jokes that only come out in the rare occasion that someone’s taller than me and we’re not at a basketball event. I didn’t know Gheorge Muresan’s little brother was into blogging…

    *watches “My Giant”*

  7. Vik says:

    damn looks like you had a great time dallas.

    it’s only internets beef: breihan and dallas are friends!!!!

  8. jen says:

    @ getfresh – chick could easily pass for black in louisiana and texas.

  9. Gee says:

    Send me 2 drinks and a tee!

  10. Avis Cobbin says:

    An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should write more on this subject, it might not be a taboo subject but usually people do not discuss such issues. To the next! All the best!!

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