BRANDY Is More Hardbody Than Your Favorite Rapper…


In case you didn’t know, BILLY SUNDAY grinds for the Evil Empire.

Fuck what you heard bitches, if your favorite rapper is still killing emcees on wax that dude is pussy. If he is smacking emcees in the face at a YouTube rap battle he still isn’t keeping his shit as hardbody as Brandy. She is killing motherfuckers in these streets for real.

As skinny as Brandy is she could prah’lee use her elbow as a dagger but instead she is merck’ing fools with her SUV, and then she is straight up confessing to shit like it’s nothing. While y’all sit up all night in ya’ mommas basements and talk shit about my nigga Paul Wall and the fact that Jay-Z brought Coke and Budweiser to Africa, Brandy is prah’lee running over wild perdestrians in L.A. The funny shit is that I don’t know how she is gonna walk on this trial now that your cousin Johnnie Cochran is dead. Ray-J’s allowance is gonna get cut after this is all said and done.

How ill is it that Brandy has leapfrogged ahead of all female rappers (and the majority of male rappers) in terms of street cred. She’s still a long way from touching Diddy’s overall bodycount, but her resume just got more street than Remy Ma, Lil’ Kim and Foxy all in one evening. Foxy Brown’s charge of beating up a Asian manicurist should be thrown out of court until Foxy gets up the hardbody nerve to make that nail salon look like the Cambodian ‘killing fields’. Lil’ Kim has been home from the clink for over half a year now and she can’t get a decent 16 on anybody’s track, but I will bet you a green dollar that every rapper with a single slated for second quarter release wants Brandy on their hook.

I love the fact that everyone wants some scrilla because they learned that it was Brandy behind the wheel. Even though ‘Moesha’ is in syndication the paper she gets from that show ain’t as long as you might imagine. I see Brandy on wild amount of billboards doing ads for hair products. Don’t them niggas know that Brandy wears wigs? She the one chick that might have as many wigs as BeYonce. Umm, maybe not so much, but she still keep hell’a wig poppin’ off. Why do you think Brandy so skinny? She trying to prolong the residuals from her first album by eating one half of a can of tunafish every week. Brandy ain’t gon’ waste her good money on food. Not the way these cocaine prices are escalating. I’m just saying, Brandy is more hardbody than everybody except Cassidy, because he killed his BFF over a cheesesteak sandwich.


14 Responses to “BRANDY Is More Hardbody Than Your Favorite Rapper…”

  1. miss ahmad says:

    you are dead wrong for this and you know it!!

  2. Amadeo says:

    Ray-J will have the run of the house though.

  3. FaTBoY says:

    Do the research Rass Kass was the first to kill another person using a vehicle. And he was drunk.

  4. says:

    brandy’s still got that edible straight up delictable Moesha nana….uhh well maybe not but still….

  5. Dee says:

    I am in my boring management class laughing my ass off (on the inside)!

  6. dan says:

    i am upset b/c:

    a) i missed the deadline on the crapper fantasy league;


    b) i wouldn’t have even thought to include singers/upn stars.

    • Emeline says:

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