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The revolution will be podcast into your iPhone. Believe that!

Word to Shamrock I am going to get the cRapper Fantasy League poppin’ off in a minute. During my self-imposed media blackout this past weekend I fell and tripped on my television’s remote control. While I lay inert on my living room carpet the t.v. played several episodes of the VH-1 megahit ‘ego trip’s (white) Rapper Show’. I hadn’t watched the show at all because I was sure that VH-1 wasn’t capable of broadcasting anything that I would find compelling, especially when it regards Hip-Hop culture.

I was pleasantly surprised watching the blood diamonds documentary that VH-1 aired last week and I will admit to being similarly engaged watching the reruns of the (white) Rapper Show. I was annoyed at first by the show’s title because I had thought that the gimmickry of a white rap artist was now void because of Eminem’s accomplishments inside of Hip-Hop. You would have to be out of your mind not to include him on your list of top 10 G.O.A.T., maybe even top five depending on how his career is completed. The truth about the people featured on this show is that they all loved Hip-Hop and would do their thing whether or not cameras were around. The fact that they were white has little relevance. It just doesn’t. My favorite character on the show is ultimately the winner it seems. There is a wrap party tonight for the show in Brooklyn and JOHN BROWN is the featured performer.

I felt dude (no DeadLee) from the gate because he had the hardbody emcee name. There is no story in American history more gully than that of JOHN BROWN, except for your boy DENMARK VESEY. I can’t wait for a rapper to choose that as a nickname instead of all of these Italian mafia characters or even Fifty Cent. DENMARK VESEY had them plantation niggas shook. So this kid JOHN BROWN seemed gimmicky at first but the truth that he loved Hip-Hop came through. He thought about his career from the artistic and business standpoint. This is something all artists need to do now. Your talent alone doesn’t guarantee that your music will be heard. You have to have desire and some business savvy to separate yourself from the pack.

I don’t know where this dude will be in five years but I welcome someone that has love for Hip-Hop and wants to learn the craft to be a better artist first and foremost. He’s already achieved a level of fame that most underground artists dream of. Even those kids that won the first VH-1 freestyle battle have been forgotten by now. Maybe one day there will be as many white rappers inside of Hip-Hop as there are Black quarterbacks inside of the NFL. Then it will only be a question of heart, desire and skills.

UPDATE: WTF?!?! Shamrock won! Wait until you see my pictures from the wrap up party. DALLAS PENN carries weed for OnSmash dot com. DALLAS PENN takes pictures with G-Child and Persia. DALLAS PENN talks about rap music with arch-nemesis (well not really but blogger beef = + traffic rankings) Village Voice blogger TOM BREIHAN. Peace to 40 Diesel who was in the building with Lord Sear.

Stay tuned true believers

26 Responses to “The (white) Rapper Show”

  1. rafi says:

    One of my most recent RSS subscriptions is to a blogger who has adopted the Denmark Vesey name.

    Good stuff. I was compelled to subscribe to his blog after I saw him dealing out swift comment justice to a black academic that was dropping tirade after tirade against hip-hop.

    The cRapper Fantasy League will rise again!

  2. eauhellzgnaw says:

    “You would have to be out of your mind not to include him on your list of top 10 G.O.A.T., maybe even top five depending on how his career is completed.”

    I must be out of my damn mind, then, cause Eminem is the most overrated music figure in the last 25 years or so. I think he’s even got Madonna beat. He makes awful music.

  3. P-Matik says:

    That holmo Dasit would have won if he wasn’t such a punk bitch.

    “I can’t write without music like that!!”

    He might as well stop rapping right now.

  4. eskay says:

    John Brown is the greatest thing to happen to hip-hop in the last 5 years.

  5. jdotnicholas says:

    ::looks at watch:: thanks for spoiling the ending for me, Dallas! Good Looking Out!

    What happened to you last weekend?

  6. says:

    can i add john brown to my fantasy team?…..u know hes gonna be in the mix somehow

  7. says:

    i meant …..shamrock ..

  8. Peter Divito says:

    John Brown winning would have been the end of The White Rapper Show. With jams like “Car Wars” I think we can pretty much determine where JB will be in 5 years.

  9. jen says:

    i saw one episode of the show, the gameshow episode. i turned it off before it even completed when i saw that the game show’s host was a black man carrying a spear and reinforcing stereotypes about black men lusting after white women. i honestly don’t know where they find black people willing to participate in these shows–especially when god knows that for 85% of the viewership, this will be their most authentic encounter with “black culture” EVER.

  10. miss ahmad says:

    hallelujah holla back!

  11. rafi says:

    That was no black man jen – that was prince paul.

  12. I watched the whole season of “White Rapper” and hoped $hamrock would win simply because he was the most honest cat. He didn’t have a gimmick–he was just a dude from Atlanta who could rhyme.

    Jon Brown=Jim Jones’ vanilla seed

  13. Lion XL says:

    I not sure if you guys are joking, but I found John Brown to be the most annoying person on the show, with jus rhyme a a close second.

    I mean, his concept of ‘Ghetto Revival’ had no concept. I think if the cameras were off, Lord Jamal would have jumped and slapped the ish out of him. I mean, it’s good to have ideas of uplifting a neighborhood/culture other than your own, but when those ideas have no real substance or plan of action is just more commercialized bullshit. It nothing more than a condescending marketing gimmick. Every single time he was asked to elaborate on what his movement was, he stuttered and stammered and then shouts ‘hallelujah holloback’ WTF? I watched the whole season with my son(14) and he even realized that this dude never once gave a concise answer to what his movement was about.

    He did have some nice flows, but it seemed that his lyrics were crafted to enforce his gimmickry. “im not a rapper I’m an entity” WTF? That even surpasses Jigga’s sell out line of’ “I’m not a rapper, I’m a hustler who raps”. These are the type of mind sets that pretty much killed Hip Hop. Car wars, was so stupid I am not gonna elaborate, but just say good concept, bad delivery/lyrics/hook/etc.

    Jus Rhyme was even worse.

    My favorites were:
    Persia (Gully ass Queens bitch with a decent flow and lyricism)
    Shamrock (real Dude, real emcee)
    Sulle (nice lyrics)
    100 proof (Ill Bill clone, but OK.)

  14. 40 says:

    Man I am tired. I’m getting old people… Monday night parties are not whoa when you’re stuck sharecroppin’ for The Man. DP I’m glad I didn’t linger around the open Bacardi bar. I would have been in severe trouble. But it was good to have a cerveza with you homeskillet… Can’t wait to see the pics!

    I’m glad Shamrock won, I had it picked between him and Persia from the giddy-up. I like to be proven right. John Brown (besides having a dope MC name) was clown shoes…

  15. Candice says:

    KING OF THE BURBS….Hallelujah Hollaback! ROTFLMAO.

    The best part of the show was “You Got Mayo”.

    My only comment is that more History of Hip Hop was taught during this show than all of BET in the last year. Pretty sad huh?

  16. Mikey Ruimixx says:

    What was up with John Brown’s little “friend”? His expression (JBs) when that dude got there was like. “Oh shit” LOL!!!!

  17. I Fux says:

    John Brown got robbed dude is a robot though

  18. Mikey Ruimixx says:

    LOL! When they slow-moed his hands shaking while holding on to the mic for dear life was CLASSIC. That was some real anxiety right thur © Shamrock

  19. Lion XL says:

    ^Naw..the funniest part of the show was when G-Child did that Cockroach dance and thought it was ill….

    btw…BET has stepped their game up a little..I caught part of the ART OF 16 BARS on sunday, and it was decent. AT least I didn’t see any UNK, or Boosie’s or JOC’s in the mix. They instead tapped the on Phesto, A-Plus, Supernat, Del, etc. Which many heare may not know or remember, but some of these started the backpacker revolution back in the 90’s.

  20. eskay says:

    >>I mean, his concept of ‘Ghetto Revival’ had no concept.

    says you

  21. I Fux says:

    My favorites were:
    Persia (Gully ass Queens bitch with a decent flow and lyricism)
    Shamrock (real Dude, real emcee)
    Sulle (nice lyrics)
    100 proof (Ill Bill clone, but OK.)

    ^^^Does your son know your gay……….cuz this is def gay and just reciting that list allowed he would know

  22. Lion XL says:

    ^Eskay…yeah it’s my opinion. But can you tell me what it’s concept was about?

  23. Lion XL says:

    ^IFux….does your father know your gay and a idiot? Did you know your father is gay and an Idiot?

    and if you gonna try and E-thug, make sure idiot ass uses spell check it’s ALOUD you fucking moron.

    what’s IFUX short for? ‘IFUX with MEN and ANIMALS?”

  24. Nikki says:

    hey where do you get the pictures that you said about getting taken wih g-child and persia I’m a big fan of that show and i’ve been trying to find those pictures to look at!!!!!

  25. kriss_se8 says:

    true stories john brown was wafflin wen ppl asked him 2 elaborate wat ghetto revival was all about but at da end off da day lyrically he was da best der and he had d aflow on smash he deffo got robbe doff dat

  26. lol, meinen, hab ich gestern für ein passables entgeld verkauft

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