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Most people have enough sense to read news headlines from any place other than here, but for those of you foolish enough to think that I have any common sense left in my brain, here is my favorite newsreel story from the weekend…

BARRINGTON IRVING, a 23yr old aerospace student from Jamaica is preparing to circumnavigate the globe in a single engine plane that he built from donated parts.

To be young, gifted and Black. I can just imagine the young Mr.IRVING rummaging through the Trenchtown junkyards, cobbling his plane together from discarded BMW parts and empty soup cans.

This young man’s spirit and determination reminds me of one of the greatest stories in jig folklore. The story of the Old Negro Space Program. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but it’s funny and true, so watch it again.

9 Responses to “JIGS IN SPACE…”

  1. Eloheem Star says:

    Rikitty Rocket was my favorite cartoon….

  2. 40 says:

    Wow you can’t get more Jamaican of a name than “Barrington Irving”. I’m sure he has brothers/uncles/cousins who all have names that end in “ton”.

    Winston, Clinton, Alston…

    I can’t wait for the launch…

    “T-Minus 10 tuh raas…”

    “Bloodclaaat, oonu man fi rise in a nuh heavens tuh rass only massa God ‘imself fi rise so high in the sky. My yoot gwan have one raas time fi try and come down my laad. Mek I fin’ ‘im land ‘im likkle dibbie-dibble bumbaraas fuckin’ ship inna mi yard, and I gwan rinse mi gun inna bloodclaat. Dem me a gah get mi cutlass, chop up ‘him up tuh raas and fling ‘way de piece dem so maggah dawg fi dine pon de bwone an nah gah leave nah evidence fi pussyhole informer fi go tell babylon!”

    *more lightah*

  3. I Fux says:

    40 took the words right out of my mouth, No Mouth to Mouth Recessitation(sp)

    Does every Jamaican have a name like Barrington, I once met this Jamaican at my old job and his name was Shizzle that wasnt a nickname…..I also met a white girl named Breezy which here on the westcoast is akin to calling a girl a Chickenhead or hoodrat

  4. Vee says:

    I think that’s a phenomenal story, hope the bro does his thing.

    It’s good to see a story about a young cat following his dreams.

  5. I Fux says:

    Vee Says:

    March 27th, 2007 at 2:12 pm
    I think that’s a phenomenal story, hope the bro does his thing.

    It’s good to see a story about a young cat following his dreams

    ^^^Right into the Ocean

  6. 40 says:

    ^^Fux… LOL @ the names. I come from a half-Yankee/half-Yardie union and on my Mom’s yard side I never knew how creative Jamaicans are with nicknames (or should I say aliases) until one of these relatives passes. Old school Jammies have nicknames that are real names “Tommy”, “Stevie”, “Bobby” even though their name could be Fitz-Roy Claxton Wilson III every one in their family calls them “Johnny”. So as a kid I’m making the gross assumption his born name is John. NOPE!!!!!

  7. Lion XL says:

    I don’t like to crap on brotha’s dream, but….flying on homebuilt, spare part, winged hooptie(SP?) is like…I dunno…efin crazy?

    No I love my West Indian fam, but I seen how these guys build cars, a hammer and duct tape. I hope he brings extra screws….

  8. LL(not the rappa) says:

    lol @ 40…thanx for puttin this up.

  9. x7an says:

    I just saw the old Negro Space Program joint like 2 weeks ago for the first time. That joint is hilarious.

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