CIRCA = Get Your Gear Game Up


The freshest kids are already lining up to copp some of the dopest gear that ever hit the streets. I bet you wonder which I.T.’s your boy will put up for sale. I’m tempted to take some crazy O-FISH out of the archives.

Suicide – It’s a su-i-cide…


@ GABRIEL URIST’s Worlds Fair
204 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and Spring Streets)
June 2, 2007 – One Day Only – 12pm to 8pm

It will going down so fresh and so clean. Vintage I.T.’s for sale from the 1970’s-1990’s.


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  1. I’m running a new bit on my blog, people that kinda look like aliens (yes X-files, no illegal immigrants).

    You can nominate a person for Team Alien in the comments of my blog laink here

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