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Check out my new favorite internets radio show called Costas World Dot Com.These niggas are having a lot of fun. They remind me of when I was writing for a popular NYC morning radio show.

Have you registered yet for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival?
SEAN PRICE has just been added to the lineup including GHOSTFACE, CONSEQUENCE, LARGE PROFESSOR, TANYA MORGAN and others. Five days of free Hip-Hop in New York City can’t be beat. If you live in NYC and you don’t come through you should be killing yourself.

The fifth annual H20 Hip-Hop Odyssey International Film Festival jumps off tonight. They are hosting tons of movies and film shorts all about Hip-Hop and it’s history. Look out for a DP Dot Com night at the movies over the next two weeks.

The Central Park Summerstage has coughed up their schedule for the summer season. Wouldn’t you know that these humps would schedule the 25th Anniversary screening for the seminal Hip-Hop movie ‘Wild Style’ on the same day that the ‘Rock The Bells’ mega-concert is at Randall’s Island.

City Parks Foundation is an off shoot of the Summerstage production. City Parks keeps it realer than the Summerstage because they feature ‘hood acts like BootCamp Clik and Big Daddy Kane right in their own Brooklyn stomping grounds. This year has dead prez on the lineup along with ROY AYERS and Whodini. Remember this… You’re only old when you can no longer two step.


  1. I fux says:

    First and I stay losing cant make it out to new york and D; Sean Price just dropped a mixtape called Master P, HA hilarious

  2. Vee says:

    Cool information.
    I got to check out the Brooklyn Festival.

  3. twerkolator says:

    ^ Sean Price just dropped a mixtape called Master P, HA hilarious

    i read somewhere that his next album is gonna be called “mic tyson”

    the most hardbody title evar!!!

  4. Yo DP good lookin on the Costasworld shout out. I co-host Zombie Radio, the hip-hop show on the site with Costa a.k.a Hollywood Tone. Make sure you peep that one too. The best hip-hop show on these here internets.

    Keep up the good work DP.

  5. Truman says:

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