How does a traditional basketball shoe make the transistion to one of the coolest kicks for skateboarders from Central Park to San Bernadino? The NIKE Dunk continues to evolve into several other platforms that sneakers are revered in. As a style shoe it offers the wearer an array of palates and colorways over the multi-layered panels. As a sport shoe it is comfortable and easy with a flat rubber non-marking sole and a simple yet durable lacing system on the forefoot.

2007 will be the summer of the NIKE Dunk shoe for men and even for the ladies. Let the Addict be your NIKE Dunk consultant for the next three months and I promise that you will call them the most comfortable shoe that you have ever worn. Just meet me at the NIKE Design Studio this Friday June 1st for a designing session. E-mail me for details.


8 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. zillz says:

    i need a pair in 13’s partnah.

  2. Nigeria says:

    Those are…the word has lost me, but they are definitely that hyperbolic word I was attempting to recall. I’ve got four pairs of fresh trainers though, I don’t really want to become a hoarder.

  3. Begs No Friends says:

    Dunks are OVER!! Most heads stopped wearin em at least 2 years ago. Let it go and leave em for the out of towners and high schoolers.

  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ Dunks are pwning the streets this summer. The only people that are over them are the sneaker fags that talk all that Tier 0 shit. Them kids think they fresh. If you ask me… Not so much.

  5. x7an says:

    DP, I was just about to say that dunks was my shoe of the summer back in like 2003 before i saw you and begs no freinds exchange. I started rocking them because i just couldn’t rock airforce ones anymore when everyone and their grandma wears them joints(i swear the 50+ yr old cleaning lady at my job rocks the all white joints). That being said much like air force one’s(which i feel is one of the most classic designs in history) them joints never go out of style and now that they got em on the nike id i feel like there’s no reason why i can’t design a couple of pairs and rock em a few times a week. i think that some young cats don’t realize that classic sneaker designs(like classic music and fashion) are timeless and just jump on the latest trends.

  6. the_dallas says:

    That’s also grown man talk when you recognize classics as opposed to trends. I rock my Dunks and my Polo Ralph Lauren and when I do it up like I’m doing it for TV the streets show me love.

  7. EloheemStar says:

    Picture of Eloheem style in the 90’s would mirror Eloheem style 2007. I’m vintage like that. let them clones follow the trends if they want. Those are the same fools who spent all that money on authentic jerseys and stop wearing them cause Jay-Z said so. Suka MC’s.

  8. Those dunks are pretty sick…and ya, its true, it was once a strictly B-ball shoe but now its evolved into a shoe for skaters as well…crazy how that works out…you could ball in them or skate in them…its crazy that the main blog mentions about designing a shoe because Toyota, a company I work with, is sponsoring a shoe designing competition that all you ambitious shoe designers should really look into…you never know, you may be the next kenzo…and start your own line of dunks or whatever you may wanna call it. Check out the site for all the info and details you need. Also, two celeb judges are gonna be kenzo and dj clark kent, so be sure to send in your designs for a chance to change your life. You wanna be wearing the shoe you designed or a shoe that someone else designed?

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