human torch

Who’s going to see the new Fantastic Four movie called ‘The Rise Of The Silver Surfer’? I’m going just to see if they give Galactus his just due. The Silver Surfer was a bad ass, but how thorough was Galactus? That dude ate planets like they were chocolate covered creme puffs. The previews show the Human Torch trying to get at the Surfer and then getting his ass handed to him. Y’all dumb heroes need to know that the Silver Surfer ain’t no joke.

human torch

The shoe that represented their character best from last years’ Fantastic Four pack by NIKE were the Human Torch Air Max 95’s. These shits are fire, literally and figuratively. NIKE went all out with the gradient colorway on the uppers. You already know about the legendary comfort of the Air Max 95 shoe. The forefoot and heel air capsules are pressurized to take a serious pounding. Johnny Storm was always the cocky playboy hotshot in the comic books. Ain’t a damn thing change either because you will have his swagger when you put these on.

human torch

human torch

human torch

human torch

I included a Human Torch toy in the deadstock box with the sneakers so that whoever I sell or trade these shoes to will get a lil’ something extra to seal the deal.

human torch

human torch

human torch

10 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. nerditry says:

    I’d like a fully pebbled, custom set of Ben Grimm SB’s in tan exotic leather. That possible at teh custom shop?

  2. miss ahmad says:

    me and condi rice think your are the absolute hottness…and we mean that from the bottom of our cold bitter little hearts!

  3. Gaberockka says:

    nah son…just…nah.

    those shoes are CORNY!!!! I’ve only seen one person who actually had the guts to wear those outside and he was a cornballus. He was one of those…I just moved to Williamsburg from Ohio. I listen to indie rock and wear tight jeans types.

  4. the_dallas says:

    Thats the beauty of these and any fly shoes.

    Your own playerific status makes them grantastic.

    That hipster that you saw in these sneakers is no different than anyone that wants to embrace a culture but can’t fully nail it because their background isn’t of it.

  5. Gaberockka says:

    nice – you totally skirted the point about them being busted, yet still managed to give an answer that sounded like it made total sense. i see you

  6. the_dallas says:

    Don’t you see I have the matching action figure?

    I am str8 bananas with this shit!

  7. omegaSB says:

    so sad this pack turned into a general release basically …ah well ….

  8. sasha says:

    these colors make me look like an angel in the summer. i’d marry these shoes if it were legal.

  9. Amadeo says:

    They better rep Galactus well. Norrin Radd does kick ass though.

  10. prynsex says:

    Fire in the fucking hole!

    Those are hotter than an Habanero Chili Pepper mixed in with a lil bit of “Shug Avery’s” pee!

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