lil darry

Ever since I came into the blog game with my baby pictures I have noticed a lot of other Internets Celebrities subtlely jacking my baby swagger. Let’s face it, babies win all day every day. But now the question is being asked… Which baby wins the most?

This inaugural round will feature some of the internets most well-liked personalities and some of the infamous characters from the world wide web. We visited their MySpace pages in order to secure these pictures. My only request to commenters is to decide which of these babies rules the internets.

lil darry

Your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger was rocking tracksuits and turtlenecks way back when…


PRINCE CAMPBELL a/k/a Chartreuse

Chartreuse was a blog about blogging and why it was the new media and why that made it irrelevant and why you should even care. Blogging ultimately requires stamina and Chartreuse couldn’t be bothered.


N.Y. Giants running back RYAN GRANT
Former All American prep star from Don Bosco Academy and Notre Dame is also a big fan of DP Dot Com.

humanity critic

Humanity Critic
The mortal enemy of DP Dot Com and by some accounts the greatest blogger evar in the history of the internets as proof of his multiple honors from LGBT awards panels.

lil darry

The posterchild for Flawless Hustle and real life star of ‘Knocked Up’.


The human TR-808, but you can call him D-Nice.

Yeah, you guys are right. Baby DALLAS in a landslide.

lil darry


  1. Amadeo says:

    Don’t make me break out the baby pic with the cowboy boots and spread collar deal.

  2. Candice says:

    Naked on a bike always wins!

    Amadeo….I have the pink bikini, cowboy boots photo, tekn on the day mom was away and Dad combed (or forgot) to comb my hair…’s a hot mess classic.

  3. Candice says:

    DP….what happened in that first picture? I bet your little behind was cutting up while waiting to take the picture and Mom Dukes finally had enough and whopped yo azz right before the shot. LOL

  4. Tiffany says:

    Dallas Penn, hands down…
    Naked on a bike? Gettin’ into somethin’?? Classic.

    I enjoy Humanity Critic and D-Nice’s blogs though

  5. LL(not the rappa) says:

    aww…Dallas wins!…

  6. Ronnie Friday says:

    DP, you doing a drop on the Miss Universe pagent? Miss Angola was robbed.

  7. 40 says:

    LMAO @ Young Dallas rocking a “Baby Godiva” on the Hot Wheels…

    Not quite a “baby pic” but this is back when I thought I had to “step my game up”. Not pictured was my hot LV clutch kit that enjoyed unisex status for a brief period of the “Golden Era”….


  8. sangano says:

    Secada just got the CD and he’s definitely a happy campesino…but why is it that everytime he hears award tour now he thinks of boiler room? what’s really good with that? …. he says to consider that JIM Lee drop yours after 6/30….a brutha’s gotta get his M.S. ya digggg?

  9. Gaberockka says:

    i’m honored to be the only white baby on your list.
    you know if i had been notified about the naked on a bike thing i’m sure i could have found something…

  10. sasha says:


    dallas hands down. but the contest was rigged. that first picture cracks me all the way up! thats the ‘you make me sick. you just beat me and you want me to smile?’ look.

    anytime a kid is nekkid and don’t see nothing wrong with pushing his whip through the kitchen will amuse me to no end. HA!

  11. gaberockka says:

    no love for yours truly =(

  12. sasha says:

    i give my today vote to gaberockka. he’s got that damien loves the ladies look. 😀

    i keed, i keed. you look like my elementary school crush jacob. hooray baby gabe!

  13. the_dallas says:

    ^ Damn Sasha, you fell for Gabe’s whining. Trust me that dude has a cabal of Kimora Lee Simmons look-a-likes in his phone book and those chicks have actual twats instead of penises like KLS.

  14. sasha says:

    ^ d-pizzle

    HA! i stay getting duped. apparently effbombs aint the prince of zamunda neither. too bad for me i’ve already been betrothed. -_-

    i stumbled across gabe’s site a few days ago. he aint dropped in a minute, but i have e-spect for what he’s put out and what he’s been through. I’M LOYAL SAN! …..even though he need to write something this millenium (hint, hint). please note i’m also short on focus. (grins)

  15. sasha says:

    ps don’t worry dallas, you’ll get tomorrow’s vote.

  16. Ream_Team says:

    GAberokka, you killin’ it with the Sperry’s! I stay Top-Sidin’ to this very day.

  17. Gaberockka says:

    haha word i need to write. KLS could get beat, penis or no penis. no homer.

  18. buck-ed nekkid says:


    I thought I was the only one w/ a naked bike picture! Damn parents!

  19. belize says:

    My middle finger game was on point as a kid

  20. Gee says:

    You KNOW you are the winner, hands down! Damn them swagger jackers!
    (although I will admit, HC lookin cute there!) Tha¨’s jus the mamma in me!

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