purple haze

Design your own NIKE Dunks.

NIKE Design Studio tomorrow Friday June 1st for a designing session.

E-mail me for details.

purple haze

26 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. 40 says:

    Is there a corporate/friends/family/employees/interns rate?

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^ Yep, we get full access to “VIP” leathers and materials.

  3. 40 says:


    *sells the TV a la Gator in “Jungle Fever”*

  4. Ream_Team says:

    Dag, yo. I need a plane tickket.

  5. B-Heezie says:


  6. Combat Jack says:

    What’s up with this quote from T-Pain regarding Ray Jay?

    “…It’s not many guys who can go after Ray J. The man got a huge meat, okay? … He got length on him. I got the width, the shit is wide. He got a foot on him. Man got a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man, no homo. I know when respect is due. The man swangin’. Ya’ll seen that shit, ya’ll know the man swangin’.”


  7. Amadeo says:


  8. Lion XL says:

    Yo dude is gay. Shit, ya’ll ain’t seen this coming when he was in LOVE with Scrippa?HUH!

  9. Combat Jack says:

    ^ Hey!!! I’ve been in love with a scrippa too!

  10. I fux says:

    Yo Dallas what up big homie, just touched down last night from the lovely beach of Waikiki, I shot over to Niketown didnt find anything that I liked beside the Jordan 1’s lows with elephant print copped those and a fresh pair of Blazers for this chick I have been seeing who happens to like kicks…… Whats with this dunk session tomorrow at what time homie…….1

  11. Dear Mr. Dall Ass. Purple sneakers? Allow me to trip. Purple Haze, Prince biting Jimi hendrix for the 1000th time.
    Them shits look like they was washed in Kool-Aid
    Purple like something the Joker would wear. Do you wear Purple socks, pants and shirt to match?
    WTFWYT (What The Fuck were You Thinking) yeah you told me, sneakers are your p-ass-ion. Men hung up on footwear, nah, sort of like the song “I see the bitch in you”
    Purple Fucking sneakers. Wake up people. Get off the style kick us your head for more than a hat rack. Ernie

  12. the_dallas says:

    Ernie, go kick rocks with your Yahoo user group.

  13. Dallas, I’m bugging, no harm intended, But PURPLE SNEAKERS?
    I can’t handle it. My minds blinks on and off like Guilianniiee trying to tell the truth, like Bush trying to make sense, like Rice trying to be sexy. Purple Sneakers are against the law in 22 states and in the Republic of Kashinnostannz.
    People have been shot, tarred and feathered and burned at the stake for wearing PURPLE Sneakers.
    It is rumored that all profits made from the sale of PURPLE SNEakers goes to elect republican war candidates and to help kill baby seals.
    Smile Dallas, you have a classic Sitcom named after you. Even I don’t have that. Peace, Ernie

  14. the_dallas says:

    Ernie, why aren’t you the mayor or at least a councilperson? No one can stay mad with you.

  15. I fux says:


    no disrespect but the color purple is very much a color with meaning.

    The actual color of Tyrian purple, the original color purple from which the name purple is derived, is the color of a dye made from a mollusk that, because of its incredible expense (many times more expensive than gold), in classical antiquity became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it. Therefore, Tyrian purple is also called imperial purple.
    Tyrian purple may have been discovered as early as the time of the Minoan civilization. Alexander the Great (when giving imperial audiences as the emperor of the Macedonian Empire), the emperors of the Seleucid Empire, and the kings of Ptolemaic Egypt wore Tyrian purple. The imperial robes of Roman emperors were Tyrian purple trimmed in metallic gold thread. The badge of office of a Roman Senator was a stripe of Tyrian purple on their white toga. Tyrian purple was continued in use by the emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire until its final collapse in 1453.[2]
    (c) Wiki

  16. the_dallas says:

    You of all people should have known better.

    You can’t come to DP Dot Com and talk that knucklehead XXL Mag Dot Com type bullshit. Niggas over here be pulling cards.

  17. Peter Divito says:

    those are fucking ridiculous. make me wanna buy a shirt with grimace on it.

  18. Royal Purple.
    Purple was worn by the Spanish Colonizers. It was worn by the elite of the Catholic Church when they beheaded native People and Slaves.
    It was worn to distinquish between the exploitative elite and the poor, starving masses. It is the color of bruises. It is the color of grapes. It is the color of that elixir of boiling August days: Kool Aid
    It is the color of a swollen and luscious punanny after a hard night of summer fun. I Love this website. Dallas you the MF Man. Peace, Ennie

  19. Eric B For President
    Rakim for Pope
    Dallas Penn for Beyonce Wig Brusher (top and bottom bush grooming.)
    Ernie P.

  20. Combat Jack says:

    Ernie for Secretary of Culture and Archival Records!!! Whaddup you Big Ole Injun??? Zulu Nation for life Brah!

  21. Secretary of Culture? Humm sounds good to me. Here is what I want if I accept:
    8 weeks paid vacation.
    Full medical and denatal
    A fat (Russell Simmons fat) paycheck.
    An all female staff and female bodyguards.
    A car and driver.
    Personal chef
    A NYC loft/studio in SOHO
    A clothing allowance so I can afford to wear fly gear that goes with my Purple Sneakers
    a 12 hour work week.
    A fat (Jay Z fat) expense account.
    A seven figure book deal.
    Peace, Ernie

  22. sangano says:

    I fux..eehhhh….

  23. belize says:

    Yo..if they still doin this email me…


  24. Strapatsrik resa, men Gili tycks vara värt lite besvär. Tack för bilderna – blir jätteglad över att se er och lite avundsjuk på strandlivet. Njut och vila upp er!!!

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