The Gentle And Loving Side Of Gangsta Rap…


Recently, Philly’s most blunted emcee, BEANIE SIGEL criticized KANYE WEST and PHARELL WILLIAMS stylesets by saying that their penchant for tight fitting clothing was an aberration to the gangsta rap lifestyle motif and real Hip-Hop.

As you can see from this video Hip-Hop has a gentle, loving aspect to it that can be displayed while wearing 8X Avirex jackets and fitted hats that are too large to actually fit someone’s skull. Keep in mind that H-thugs do run this rap shit.

And who can blame BEANS either for wanting to snuggle up close to PEEDI CRACK since he preserves his gangsta daily through exfoliation and moisturization. Extra nullus to rap music right now.


Video link courtesy of UnKut via Nah’Right Lite

16 Responses to “The Gentle And Loving Side Of Gangsta Rap…”

  1. Amadeo says:

    Time for my facial bitches!!!!

  2. sangano says:

    word lol i always thought that was one of the funniest rap/lifestyle pics ever…plus take a look at son’s face theres so much going on behind those eyes…it almost makes you want to take a shovel to dukes head and watch him submerge alas to never return..

  3. Vee says:

    That video is making its way through all over the web. Funny crap.

  4. Hussle Crowe says:

    Yea even though that Beans video is a cool 4 years old, it’s homo tendecies are still stronger than ever. What the video failed to show was the large bottle of Codine syrup that Beans was sippin on. Im not making excuses for the rotund rapper, but he was zooted out of his mind.

  5. twerkolator says:

    “fitted hats that are too large to actually fit someone’s skull” – i’m glad someone finally spoke out about that fucking wack ass charlie brown look.

    that’s not cool to be…

  6. twerkolator says:

    WOW…beanie looking at Peedi like he wanna sop him up with a biscuit and some fucking giblet gravy!


  7. Candice says:

    Peach bubble bath? How appropriate.

  8. F says:

    ^^ I thought peach bubble baths were a beige dude staple. Well..that and eyebrow waxes.

  9. EloheemStar says:

    Damn I was just going to peep in right quick .
    What the Fuck is that all about. This Momo Shit is out of control. Shalom!

  10. Combat Jack says:

    Beans got mad man love in his eyes. Thats some real jail shiy right thurrr! nh.

  11. X7aN says:

    lol….yo that shit is kind of disturbing… can see peedi keeps looking back nervous as hell….yo i don’t think it was codine dude is on. he got that e in him and i guess the jail house shit came back to him

  12. sasha says:

    -first and foremost he tried to mouf kiss that nigga at least 12 times. i don’t care what you on. man kisses are not cool. i know that ‘i’m high as hell and coming in for an inapropro kiss’ look beans had on his face. but i’ve only seen dudes giving it to chicks or vice versa. fuck whatchu going through i aint never seen my folks on no same sex you look real good shit evAR.

    -lemme press myself against your firm supple man ass as i grab/caress your pecs? no and no.

    beans trying to dump on forrealie gay ass kanye and ever so awesome pharrell wasn’t a good look before this gay sex prelude reappeared. now it’s just bad news bears all around. and guess what kids? that’s not cool.

  13. sasha says:

    @ F bizzles

    i caught your beige hate. we gone hafta fight again????? 😛

  14. Rondeau says:

    We as a people are much more than that.I am a family man. An honest man. A strong, got your back kind of man. We are more than just thugs and criminals. My thoughts are on this video.Please take the time to review my thoughts on the impact of the gangsta rap culture on the black community. You may distribute at will.


    Best Regards

    Don L. Rondeau


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