BLU CHEEZ was tooling around the web looking for some pics of various celebs to put into the photo albums section of this site when he brought something interesting to my attention. BeYONCE KNOWLES is photographed with her ass to the camera. A lot. I don’t think there is any singer slash actress that is photographed in that position as much as BeYONCE is. Certainly not JESSICA SIMPSON who is somewhat comparable to BeYONCE in resume only. Even when she was trying to pick that crappy ‘Dukes of hazzard’ movie out of the toilet she wasn’t giving backshots away.


The only reason I’m complaining about being forced to stare at BeYONCE’s azz so much is because she has a dynamite rack also. Can I get some cleave shots once in a while? Is that too much to ask? Every red carpet event has BeYONCE turning around and poking out her seat, but I can never find any pics of her facing the camera and grabbing her ankles. I’m sure theres a race card for me to pull out in this mess but I will let y’all draw your own inferences.


I read this article the other day where BeYONCE says that she has to perform as a character named SASHA in order to seperate her true self from her agressively sexy performances. So in effect she plays a character that she’s not comfortable with because she knows the character is baseless and poorly developed. How many other people have careers where they have to seperate themselves from their job because the thought of the work they do makes them cringe? Other than say, hookers.


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  1. sasha says:

    did they trick this silly bitch into believing her own hype? seems like it.

    that bottom picture is pretty though. (no homo)

  2. Yo I like Ms Ella Ella Ella Ay Ay Ay myself more than B, but thats just my type slightly Slender nice Rump not huge and a Big Ass Forehead so I can Finish on it ………and Sasha hello Girl

  3. h8torade says:

    don’t forget about Kim Kardashian’s ghetto booty… look at her pic and you’ll know why Reggie Bush is all about trying to score in that endzone.

  4. sasha says:

    whuddup FUX. punks at work actually rolled up on me asking bout some product. wtfizzle? (rolls eyes)

    there’s still a chance rihanna has some substance. no bad words for ‘superhead’ yet. and i do mean yet. (smiles)

    and is kim’s ass really big? or just not pancake city like your avg yt? cause i saw some flick today where bitch look like she had scoliosis trying to stick it out. really? no kudos for her. i require some modicum of talent or substance (see above). that hoe is oj’s other lawyers daughter. why we checking for her again? please advise.

  5. ^Sasha, per Kardashian, you might be conflating the “would you” list with the “talented entertainer” list.

    KK may not have talent, but for the 1st list that’s not a prereq. Of course as a woman you’d only care about the 2nd list.

    Relative to the “professional spare” waif heezos like Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie, KK is mad talented! It’s all relative LOL.

  6. That ass is lookin exclusive in all of them pics. I do believe that a back shot is in order. (pun intended)

  7. sasha says:

    ^el gringo.

    touche and well played. but does the media bust out the gallup poll and pick which floozy they put on paparazzi watch next? cause it’s hella pretty bitches that be hanging around people who know people. they aint got no paparazzi trail like homegirl though.

    i understand dudes and their wishlists, but i don’t understand who told the paprazzi to start force-feeding us broads who can’t do much besides lay on their backs. more likely than not skillfully, but still.

    i’m off to figure out which came first. paparazzi showing the random hot chick or dudes lusting after a hoe and the paparazzi putting her on. thanks for pointing out though that those are separate lists. some people don’t even recognize that. like paris female ‘fans’. wtf has she ever contributed to society besides pr0n? i don’t look at no ones vagigi but my own. eyuw.

    PS i voted for that ana chick on your page. she’s purty.

  8. 911 says:

    Last pic is…

  9. Sup Sasha,

    Kudos to you. It’s nice to have some women commenters up here on the rap-related blog corner of los internetes.

    @ the female Paris Hilton fans
    it seems to me that some section of women actually follow celebrities in the manner that some dudes (& a few women) follow pro sports.

    Eg Paris gettin quote in the media = Kobe scoring 68 points or Federer beating Nadal.

    As ridic as it seems to me, some women must be like this. Otherwise, how does wack pointles isht like Entertainment Tonight, People, US Weekly, Natl Enqr, etc exist. There is nothing worse than being in a long line @ the grocery, since this is the only isht they usually have to read, this gossip mag drivel.

    @ what comes 1st, paparazzi or hot hoe
    it seems that “professional spare” game is similar to the rap game. These heezos are “weed” or “wig carriers” to an established pro spare. In the case of Kardashian, I believe she was partying with Paris Hilton. I believe this is how the pro spares “get in the game”.

    OTOH, the paparazzis must have an incentive to promote as many celebrities, either of the talented or pro spare variety, that the market will sustain. Because the more people they can photograph, the more “work” the paparazzis will have. So the paparazzis might be always taking photos of mad random “minor-league” heezos, just in case any “news organization” wants them.

    My $0.02, what say you Sasha?

  10. sasha says:

    ^good evening gringo

    i agree with you completely re pro spares and minor league hoes, but i must confess i did enjoy reading about oprahs spare toe in the check out line. (grins)

    i think reading about will smith, julia roberts, a-rod or anyone who contributes to the arts or that we know for some real reason (no pr0n) is a fine leisurely pursuit for the ladies. women crave details. as pointless as they may seem to men. i just have a hard time accepting that we’d prefer to know about paris looking in her compact all night at a jay-z concert then getting on stage and yakking cause the bitch cant hold her liquor. yeah i read it, but i was tricked! i understand providing as much gossip fodder as the market can sustain, but i ask-

    why did we as a people decide to place more value on faux celebrities peddling sex tapes than what real celebrities are doing to give back or what they bought at the grocery store. or how they were raised or are choosing to raise their children. none of it is important in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes its fun looking at other peoples lives. i also understand the train wreck phenomenon, but everything these days is smeared with trashy irrelevant girls and their troubled lives. i can honestly say i don’t care to know about every single no name person paris gives mono to.

    my underlying beef is not with the adult morons who are stupid enough to think that the goings on of paris/kim k is hot. i choose not to deal with retards. on the other hand i’m concerned for our impressionable youth who are force fed images of people with awful habits and no real skills or jobs, but who live a glamorous life. it sets them up for a huge let down or even worse starts them on a path of valuing a hollow image, without a skill set to be found. i guess it’s the yt girl version of cRap muzik. meh.

    i’m out for the evening. dancefloor domination calls. in the meanwhile pls share why and how you think we as a people got so stupid and wrapped up in bullshit. thaaaaaaaanks! 🙂

  11. saanna says:

    I think beyonce is fine

  12. Beyonce I’ve left you a ton of message’s and I’d really wanted you for two night’s?’ Anyway’s email me at I want to fuck you bad!

  13. Corry Gardiner says:

    Dump Jay-z, Please Beyonce! :] I would die for you! I am superman I here to rescue you! Come in Corry’s world!

  14. lord says:

    if i could get my average size in between those cheeks for a good 15 minutes it would b the greatest nut i will ever receive… i typed this with one finger uhhhhh she done ass fuck!!!1 those legs tho

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