cRap Music Fantasy League Q3 Update #1


It’s the ROC bitches!

cRap Music Moguls! What is the drilly? The first week of the DP Dot Com cRap Music Fantasy League has quietly come to a close. The cRapper points leader for a minute was Plies out of Florida. He scored a nice 250 for a download deal with Sprint Telecom.

This is the next step for cRappers and for the companies that want them to get to the next level. A cRapper can sign an exclusivity contract with a major Fortune magazine telecom brand. Provided that he doesn’t simulate sex with a minor on camera. Or a rapper can be just like Jay-Z and score the majority of their points off merchandising and marketing. If you didn’t choose Jay-Z for your roster you might as well kill yourself.

Jay is one of the handful of cRappers that we consider ‘blue chip prospects’ in this league. He will always get you points every quarter because he has his hands on so many business ventures. Fisty Scent is another blue chip prospect as well as Kanghey and Lil’ Wang. The key to winning at the cRap Music Fantasy League is picking the unknown cRappers that rise to prominence. Let’s take a look at the scoring leaders right now for the cMFL…

Pretty Dollar Entertainment 800
Diamond Ballers Records 750
Yes Baby Yes Entertainment 700
11206 Records 650
20/20 Proof Records 575
Rainmen Records 550
America Done Fell Off Records 550
Bamboozled Records 550
Game One Records 550
Harleyworld Music 550
Quarter Water Juice Records 550
Gain Green Records 550
Sheem-Deem Entertainment 550
Renegade Records 550
Grand Theft Audio Records 550
Blue & Creme Entertainment 550
BlackStar Records 550
Smart-Dumb Rappers Records 550

Jay-Z put 450 points in the hands of his label owners on the strength of his foreword in the new MICHAEL ERIC DYSON book and for his web-based marketing deal for the 40/40 Club.

Plies had a 250 pt marketing deal with Sprint for the download of his new single.

NaS gave 200 pts to his label for the afterword in the DYSON book.

T.I. released his latest studio album ‘T.I. vs. TIP’ and netted 100 pts for his labels.

KELLY ROWLAND took some time away from brushing BeYONCE’s wig to bag up 25 points for the July/August cover of King magazine.

I thought I’d also take a moment to highlight a few of the labels in this quarter’s cMFL. Diversity is the key to our movement and we have labels from all over the globe digging on this cRap music. I would be remiss though if I didn’t shout out the programmer for Q3’s brilliant scorecard – El Gringo Colombiano. Go check out his website.

veteran America Done Fell Off Records
50 Cent
Kanye West
R Kelly

Note: This roster is chock full of blue chippers, but the acquisition of M.I.A. could be the international unknown that puts this label over the top.

secada Likwid Tangz Music
Kanye West
Lil Kim
Lil Wayne
The Game

Note: JOHN SECADA, The vocal coach for this label, is going to have to muster up a classic to get this team off the 0 point schneid.

raygun Dead Presidents Records
50 Cent
Kanye West
Lil Wayne

Note: This roster seems like a powerhouse on paper but I think that Saigon and Cam’ron are better picks for Q4.

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  1. Yo I need some points, damn I forgot who is on my team, Wipe Me Down!

    Mitchy Slick dropped Messy Slick with Messy Marv from the Yay Area that means from Diego To tha Bay(c) Dr.Dre …..DP show some love 100 fantasy points for iFux Entertainment on gp, A San Deigan Dropping A ridiculously good Gangsta Rap Album check for it ……….

    iCandy Dropping tomorrow

  2. Dallas, thx for the shout out, holmes. I invite everyone to visit my site & drop a comment or 2.

    Yo if there are any Mitchy Slick or Uncle Murda stans, tell Dallas what year those dudes were born. That was a field in my cRap spreadsheet, but the almighty wikipedia didn’t have this data.

    On my America Done Fell Off Records, I had to do like other Corporate American TIs & start offshoring American “professional” “white collar” “knowledge workers” (or whatever they’re calling us these days) with South Asians. Plus I wanted to benefit from the industry trend of shafting the ladies by going against the grain & turning my competitors’ ignorance into my profits.

    Hence my sleeper pick MIA. Wikipedia says she’s got an album dropping in August on Interscope. I’m hoping homegirl blows up like Nelly Furtado did last year. Similar to Furtado, MIA is squadrilateral in many regions of the globe, being a Londoner of Sri Lankan ethnicity, who incorporates Brazilian baile funk, American rap & electronica into her music. I think that the section of artists than can be marketed globally in many countries might be the last section of the music industry where the TIs can actually sell a few million CDs.

  3. the_dallas says:

    Gringo, What up?

    Fuxx, that Messy Slick CD looks like a mixtape. Before someone shits on my NorthEast bias let me do some research and if Mitchy Slick deserves 100 pts we will give it to him.


    ^^looks official enough, let me check soundscan, it had to have crushed Pharoahe Monche I would guess. Cuz them Yay area thizzers and hyphers buy albums like the south does, I guess they dont have broadband.

  5. @Fux, from the cRap spreadsheet, here is your sqizuad:

    Kanye West
    Keith Murray
    Lil Boosie
    Lil Mama
    Lil Wayne
    Mitchy Slick
    Robin Thicke
    The Game

  6. Good Lookin’ Gringo I need to memorize that ish

  7. time for some Rap-Mur-Phobia……..boyacka(c) Keith Murray


    ^^ filmed right in my hood, even though I dont venture out to close to that area. Yo remember when something like this would get love on BET or MTV ……Gangsta Rap lost

  9. @ the Mitchy Slick album

    FYI, I noticed that diction on RYM, perhaps the world’s most thorough rap nerd, has this album on his list of 07 rap albums (dude excludes mixtapes on this list), @ #48. I would say that is good proof that’s it’s a “real album”:


    ^^what more do the kids want, nice summer like beat, good hook, outstanding lyricism(sp)

  11. the_dallas says:

    I almost don’t want to take this clown’s opinion after I see that Redman’ album is listed at 76! Who the fuck is this clown?!?

    Fux, you get the points.

    Update: Sorry Fux, no soup for you. Album was released in June.

  12. @Dallas,

    Diction is the rap guru of RYM. I often disagree with ratings, but his yearly lists are great for knowing what albums dropped in that given year. His thoroughness is extreme. He had like 275 2006 albums & he’s already on 85 for 2007. Corporate sites like XXL or, with their army of TIs & worker bee staff don’t cover as many albums as this random kid Diction, from Montreal of all places

  13. the_dallas says:

    I can def respect the work ethic even tho’ his tastes border on that of a dung beetle

  14. Update: Sorry Fux, no soup for you.

    ^^damn I felt vindicated for the points and as I raised my hand in Triumph you took my mettle for using too much pine tar …….

  15. Damn this Mitchy Slick album is a case of an interesting cRap concept: watching albums that drop near the boundary of an old quarter ending/new quarter starting.

    Damn Fux got screwed over by a few days. Too bad the label didn’t push his Mitchy’s ish back (pause) 2 weeks!

    This seems analagous to in fantasy sports drafting an talented player, who might still be injured, or whose playing time is in question.

  16. if Busta is on a team and he goes to jail is that *dr evil voice* 1 million points or if someone dies is that the equivalent of a triple crown, wow this can go on and on …………and in all seriousness if someone had KRS-1, can they replace him from their team

  17. the_dallas says:

    ^ Fux,
    There’s still a lot of cMFL to play. Maybe ‘Messy Slick’ will net your label 500 pts when it goes gold.

    *sarcastic laugh follows*

  18. ^ Fux,
    There’s still a lot of cMFL to play. Maybe ‘Messy Slick’ will net your label 500 pts when it goes gold.

    *sarcastic laugh follows*

    ^^LMAO at the sadistic nature of you’re comment

  19. yo Fux, surprisingly out of 48 Label owners, 0 took Busta Reemo. Ironically 1 cat took Busta’s ex-WC Rah Digga!

  20. Detroit P says:

    Dead Presidents Records…..

    Dammit I knew I had forgot somebody..and Jay-Z is my favorite rapper…I guess I shoulda read more on how long the quarters last..Well I guess droppin someone for Jay-Z would be kinda ridiculous of me now since he racked up all those points already…I hope TI goes Plat(even tho the CD sucked)…But I thought Saigon and Camron were dropping soon….you know what..Imma drop Camron for Jay-Z…and How do I find out how many points I have

  21. the_dallas says:

    “web-based marketing deal for the 40/40 Club”

    You already got those points.

  22. Sangano says:

    Dall how come im at goose eggs with luminaries like Kangay, Jiggro, and TI-Pizzle, and 50 Centavos on my roster?

  23. the_dallas says:

    Since July 1st none of your artists have put in any work.

  24. twerkolator says:

    my bad dallas…i need to read slower and comprehend faster

  25. am i the only one who picked Plies?

  26. Sangano says:

    ur the only one who knows who he is….fill us in

  27. do we get points for Chris Brown being on my super sweet 16 on MTV?

  28. @CEO Redd

    Only of 2 of the 48 Labels picked Plies. 1 other label besides you.

  29. Incilin says:

    Okay, like a dumbass I forgot to put Jay on my roster. The person that gots to go is either Saigon or Young Buck. But what to expect first? Saigon getting into more internets beef with Just Blaze? Or 50 going Jimmy Conway and kicking Buck out a la The Game? Both of these guys will make noise with that, but I don’t think Ima get any points for it. Fuck it, Young Buck aint gonna sell anything more than he already has and I don’t expect no new videos either; I drop Young Buck for Jay-Z. Saigon will come out with a single and a video soon (I hope) and you never know, he might pop up on Entourage again or beat up his girlfriend.

  30. Dom Perignon says:

    Hey Detroit P u aren’t tryin to thief my label’s name right son? I’m Dead Presidents Record Son.
    And btw thanks fa the advice DP but I don’t think am gonna drop Jigga right up in now.
    Bahamas Baby!!
    Bahamas Stand Up!!!

  31. spanish jay says:

    how about nip slips, do we get credit for that (im talking about lil kim not jim jones)

  32. yo can i switch out chris breezy this week for Prince????

  33. ^there is no adding/dropping of Artists this Q3.

  34. ^there is no adding/dropping of cRappers this Q3.


    Yall see this Remy Ma ish

    Remy Ma might be the MVP female cRapper this Q3. Per my understanding of cRap rules. Assault is 250 pts. If she gets jail time, that’s another 500.

    Only 3 Labels took Remy Ma also. That’s a big advantage for them
    Ambulance Entertainment
    DubbleUP Entertainment
    Pretty Dollar Entertainment

    Fock I missed out, should’ve taken Remy instead of Eve

  36. fwd – GOZ rap album reviews

    Who says all kids today have wack music taste?

    My rym homie GOZ (no Mark Foley) is insightful & hillarious in his reviews. His reviews are mainly of early-to-mid 90s albums.

  37. the_dallas says:

    El Gringo,
    Your homey G.O.Z. was a beast to do all of those reviews and the fact that he rated Common/Sense with the highest rating for every album of his he reviewed shows some bigtime Chi-town stannery.

    S’all good though.

  38. sangano says:

    O SWEAT! just realized that per the INTRO’s Dead Presidents Records and my label LIKWID TANGZ have our rosters transposed! ..what the deal?

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