Memo To Stanley Crouch: It’s Still Not Rap Music’s Fault…


STANLEY CROUCH is one of the mainstream media’s favorite supremacy apologist curmudgeons. To let him tell it, poor Black folks can’t kill themselves quick enough to unburden white people with their presence. CROUCH has been an incessant critic of Hip-Hop and rap music from it’s inception. He often times combines valid points and statements with the outrageous drivel that only a disconnected neo-conservative could imagine.

I remember an article of his from last year where he claimed that his daughter could find no suitable Black males to date because the Hip-Hop generation only produced males afraid to grow up and assume responsibility. No STANLEY, your daughter is having a problem getting dates because she looks like you. And you sir, sure are ugly.

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32 Responses to “Memo To Stanley Crouch: It’s Still Not Rap Music’s Fault…”

  1. That nigga looks like a walking racist cartoon.

    Like archival watermelon eating footage.

  2. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    Mr. Stanley “I never met a white man I did not like, all niggers are evil and dirty” Crouch was, I believe, the inspiration for Aaron Magruder’s self hating negro in the comic strip “The Boondocks” Peace, Ernie

  3. Nigeria says:

    I google imaged his daughter, hoping for a gander, but to no avail. So i’ll just have to use my imagination instead.

    Crouch + Venus Williams ‘hair’ = Fun times?

  4. Enigmatik says:

    “You sir, are a VERY UGLY MAN!!!! Here, hold dis Red Stripe!!!”

  5. R.E. says:

    Yessur, he sho’ is ugly.

  6. dubble13 says:

    Although I may not agree with Mr. Crouch’s philosophies, I am hard-pressed as a fellow Black man to talk negatively of his appearance, primarily because of the knowledge that in the past ALL Black features were deemed “unwholesome”. For me to talk negatively about his appearance borders on “self-hatred”. Now there are of course varying degrees of what is considered by the mainstream to be “pleasing to the eye,” and whether he fits your description should not be confused with his politics.

  7. Candice says:

    Dubble….well said.

    He still ain’t cute, but well said!

  8. LM says:

    Co-sign Ernie, and Tom Dubois=John McWhorter

  9. 40 says:

    He looks like the grandfather to the KMD logo….

    Stanley ain’t all wrong but I find myself disagreeing with him exponentially wrong more times than right. Crouch’s opinions are often ill-informed when he decides to vilify hip-hop because he’s never taken the time other than surface assessment and projects his entire theory on that. Is grounds for Hip-Hop are akin to the upstate corrections officer who bases their entire knowledge on black and brown from the inmates he encounters at work all day. Both of them are based in ignorance yet sadly one is a syndicated columnist who passes off his ill-inform as a matter of fact.

  10. cee d.a.t. says:

    He does look exactly like old dude from the boondocks. Maybe he’ll get into white heaven.

  11. FatBoY says:

    Uncle Tom aka Uncle Ruckus(Boondocks)

    If this were slavery times, this dude would be the negro in the cotton fields with dreams of making it to the Big House.

    Unfortunately for him he neva would have made it in. Because he is a dark skinned, funny looking sumovabitch.

    Silly negro, don’t you know that the vanilla slaves were the only slaves massa let come in the house.

    I say that to say this, this guy is the token black male, that the white media and Oprah, can run to for an interview, debate or discussion, thats going to agree with their argument wholeheartedly. They know without a doubt that if its a discussion pertaining to race relations, or rap music they got a full fledge uncle tom on their side that’ll say anything derogatory about his own race without hesitation. And he won’t mind doing it because he feels he’s being accepted by white America. This is where the reference about the field negro dreaming about making it into the big house come in.

    By the way….. Bill Dukes(looks) + Bill Oreilly(same opinions) = Stanley Crouch

  12. Amadeo says:

    Bottom line…another asshole who makes a name by cursing the darkness and not shining light.

  13. Misha says:

    His hate is totaly coming from a place of self hatred. He see’s himself in all the stereotypes that have been projected onto us. He also speaks alot in order to keep himself relevant. I can hardly think that he even beleives half the things that come out of those slabs of liver that he calls lips. Everyone has a role in society, and he plays his to perfection. At least he knows what his role is.

  14. eauhellzgnaw says:

    I find it problematic and childish to launch personal attacks against those with whom you disagree, especially when those attacks are racialized…but DAMN that man is walking blackface.

    Bein clowned as a kid had to have fucked him up for life. Same goes for “Easter Island” McWhorter. I can’t imagine that many women, especially black ones, gave them any action.

    One thing, though. The anti-rap thing isn’t racist necessarily. It’s not just the success and blackness of rappers that bothers people; it’s just as much generational. Most black people over 50, who also hate rap, can’t all be self-hating Uncle Toms too, can they?

  15. gaberockka says:

    Dude looks like an aging KMD logo and that shit’s – oh wait…damn 40…why u gotta steal my jokes my dude?

  16. tmoneybags says:

    he looks like a burn victim

  17. jb says:

    ornery and ashy as mr. crouch is, he infrequently and inadvertently makes sense. anyway, why bring his daughter into it?

  18. It seems that many rap bloggers hate on Dilated Peoples for some inexplicable unknown reason.

    Dilated has been one of the most consistent groups of the 2000s decade:
    1 4 good+ albums
    2 Some ILL BEATS from Evidence, DJ Babu, The Alchemist & others. “No Retreat” & “You Can’t Run, You Can’t Hide” are among the best beats of the decade.
    3 Perhaps the only 2000s act to consistently have ill DJ-scratched choruses (by DJ Babu)
    4 Rakaa is an ill MC, Evidence is a decent MC

    Peep DJ Premier’s radio show

    I happened to listen to this, & it turns out DJ Premier is a HUGE Evidence & Dilated STAN!

    WTF, your boy Primo literally said about 5 times, like every 20 minutes of the show, how Evidence’s beats were sick on Ev’s “Red Tape”. I hadn’t even heard of Ev’s “Red Tape”, LOL.

    I’d love to see yall Dilated haters react to this! I recall 1 moron Dilated “is not real hip hop”.

    I guess Primo must not be “real hip hop” either, if he’s a big stan of Dilated? Fock outta here!

  19. the_dallas says:

    Stanley Crouch BROUGHT his daughter into the mix. Read the article posted in the second link of this drop.

    “As a father with a daughter nearly 30 years old who has never been close to marrying anyone, I was once more struck by what my offspring describes as a lack of suitable men. She has complained often about the adolescent tendencies of young black men, as will just about any young black woman when the subject comes up.”

    All I’m saying is that his daughter prah’lee looks like him and that is why no one is trying to knock her boots.

  20. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    Crouch is a terribly mean, hardcore MF who beat down cats on the regular when he worked at the Village Voice. he also love to shout words like MF and the N word. I tried to bait him to a debate on The Charlie Rose Show, but since I am poor and could not get a $$$ Publicist to push it, it never happened. He is a self hating, White loving, throwback in the mold of a C.O.R.E. byatch like Roy Innis (Roy ANUS) or those wanna cross over nutless byatches from the NAACP.
    I call Crouch “PINKLIPS” Audi 5000, Ernie

  21. Fuck Stanley Crouch…You turn coat mother fucker!!!!
    I remember reading an article he wrote a few years back about how Malcolm X wasn’t a real leader and shit. I saved it as a reminder that there is a group of black people who come up and forget who they are. Sure we have flaws but slandering will not bring solution. He reminds me of that character on the Boondocks…

  22. Eloheem * says:

    I don’t cosign everything Stanley Crouch writes but I do agree with many of his views. I learned a lot about Jazz history from S.C. as well. I encounter people who share his pattern of thought all the time… some in my own family who are in no way “Uncle Toms , “Sell Outs” or “tokens” Just Stuck in there ways, ill informed or making surface assessments like 40 said. I suggest any one who disagrees with Crouch email him with your displeasure. **** Just saw Who’s Your Daddy trailer**** Wow.

    Fat Boy don’t believe the hype about the Dark Skinned Slaves not being allowed in the house with Massa. How do you think vanilla slaves came in to existence. Initially The House Negro position was more about trust and obedience than Skin complexion.

  23. jimmy says:

    evidence spends waaay more time on the mic than he should. he’s not decent, he’s mad corny. and about their beats, always hot, but they always had a budget-primo feel to them. that’s probably why primo’s feeling them, feeling flattered and all. anyway, you can’t be considered one of the most consistent with only 50% of the equation right.

  24. Ream_Team says:

    what in the fuck does Dilated have to do with this post?

  25. apple halsey says:

    SC is ugly on the inside.

  26. DJ Flash says:

    Only Wynton Marsalis annoys me more.,davis,76365,22.html

    Metaphorically speaking I’m sure he has an ugly daughter too.

  27. Perhaps Stanley Crouch’s daughter isn’t married because:

    1) Like a lot of over 30 sistas these days, she’s content with the single life, and really doesn’t want to be bothered with a man in her life.


    2) She’s a lesbian, and cannot legally get married (at least in New York State)


    3) She has the same fucked up self hating house negro mentality her father does

    Incidentally, I’ve met Stanley Crouch in person – and he is a seriously messed up dude!

    He tried to get me to be a guest on his WBAI FM show, in an ambush format (that is, I would be confronted with a guest and him and his guest would tag team on me) – I declined.

    He also was a real jerk to me, both in person and later when he tried to reach me by phone and flat out lied about how many times he’d tried to call me (I have caller ID on both house and cell phones – if he’d called more than that 1 time, I’d know!!!)

    I also think he was offended by the fact that I happen to be lightskinned, speak with a “White sounding” voice and am Biracial (I had a White father) – in other words, I’m what he wishes he was!!!!

    But at least he didn’t try to beat me up!!!

    Of course, I happen to be a 330 pound construction worker – so maybe he thought that he’d get his ass kicked if he tried to get physical!!!

    Beyond that, in general, like a lot of elderly middle class negroes, Crouch has an intense dislike of working class Black youth and their culture, coupled with a romanticized view of the culture of the Jim Crow era, and a tendency to blame young Blacks for the hellish conditions imposed on our community by American capitalism and it’s deindustrialization and genocidal mass incarceration campaigns.

    It’s really sad – 100% blame the victim, while totally letting White supremacy off the hook!!!

    Then again, that’s why Stanley is the Daily News’ favorite house negro!!!

    He really is a live action version of Uncle Ruckus (note to Aaron McGruder and Adult Swim – if you ever decide to do The Boondocks with actors – you NEED to cast Stanley!!!!)

  28. the_dallas says:

    ^ And let the congregation say “Chuurch”.

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